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Kids at home in SG, while Dad and Mom eat ham for lunch in Prague.

Hi! I’m Adrian Lee, a work at home dad in Singapore.

Welcome to my blog, where I journal about computers, cameras, cars, commerce, cooking, chores, casual stuff and of course about my children. Read more about me here.

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Adrian Lee

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Which digital piano to buy for home use?

How to make WordPress Jetpack subscription popup?

what is the role of a continuity person in film production

  • A script supervisor (also called continuity supervisor) is a member of a film crew and oversees the continuity of the motion picture including wardrobe, props, set dressing, hair, makeup and the actions of the actors during a scene.
  • They’re two different titles for the same job. Generally, in the US the role is known as a Script Supervisor – “Scripty” for short – whilst in the UK it is known as Continuity.

Review, edit or unpublish automatic captions in YouTube videos

Closed Captioning

  • how to write closed caption for sound effects
  • Captioned is necessary for the understanding and/or enjoyment of the media and when they are essential to the plot
  • Use [square brackets]
  • Use [lower case]
  • Sound effects: Include source of sound (can omit if source is visible onscreen.
  • Described sound effects on 1st line and onomatopoeias on 2nd line
  • [engine idling]
  • Whats onomatopoeia? The formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named (e.g. cuckoo, sizzle ).
  • Off-screen sound effects should be italicized, if italics are available (not available for SRT).
  • not necessary to repeat the source of the sound if it is making the same sound a few captions later.
  • Example:  First Caption [pig squealing], Second Caption [squealing continues]
  • Use punctuation to indicate speed or pace of sound.
  • Slow
    [clock chiming]

    [gun firing]
    bang, bang, bang

  • Sustained Sound
    [dog barking]
    woof, woof…woofAbrupt Sound
    [dog barks]
  • Use specific terms:
  • Vague/General

    [bird singing]


    [robin singing]

  • Never use past tense
  • More examples:
  • [audience cheering]
  • [explosions]

“Fiverr Anywhere”? What’s that?

25 November 2016 is Black Friday

28 November 2016 is Cyber Monday

New WordPress “Jetpack Personal” affordable backup solution. What’s that?

New features in WordPress Jetpack 4.4

Want to hit 3k/mo to 5k/mo online? Then create just a few of these MACHINES and you’re there…


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  2. Thanks to Josh’s article, I can now sleep well knowing it’s only a seasonal holiday dip in website traffic…

    Also this article…

    High Season

    January: All those new year’s resolution folks.

    March-May: People looking for tax help.

    September – November: Catching up with all the things people should have done while on summer vacation.

    Low Season

    June – August: Summer vacation.

    December: Winter vacation, but gearing up towards the new year again.

    Then it’s good to know that the seasonal pattern is different for different industry…

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