John Chow Discovers the Most Expensive Place to Own a Car

John Chow Discovers the Most Expensive Place to Own a Car

John Chow, the famous Canadian-Chinese blogger I follow, was in Singapore and he found out the price of driving a car here. He talked about COE, ERP, Car Park and fuel price. The very reasons I gave up owning a car and also because I am not “one in six Singapore household having over $1 […]

SIMcity BuildIt Level 22 to 23 – COOL City

SIMcity BuildIt Level 22 to 23

SIMcity BuildIt Level 22 to 23! Playing the iPhone game and recording it LIVE online… Attached the iPhone 6 to a USB port port of the MacBook Pro. Activated Quicktime New Movie Recording and set to iPhone. Finally activated Google Hangouts On Air and recorded live. The result is not satisfactory. No sound and poor video […]

How to be a Good Host Family for a Foreign Exchange Student

My Junior College daughter is hosting a foreign exchange student from Taiwan for 13 days. That means the rest of the family at home automatically become the host family! Being a first-time host family, I searched and scoured for tips on how to be a good one. So here’s How to be a Good Host […]

Run 3km in 25mins Without Running Out of Breath


How to run longer without running out of breath? Today I used these 3 techniques to run 3 kilometers in 25 minutes. Not very fast but at least I kept my breath at near normal rate. Start slow end fast. Started about 8″50′ per km until the 2.5 km mark where I sped up to […]

Photography Course for Beginners in Singapore


I have been often asked to teach a Photography class in Singapore. I turn down the requests because I am more of a Videography expert.   So here are places where you can sign up for photography lessons. Photography Courses in Singapore for beginners John Arifin 2-day Basic Photography 101 Workshop: Live class. S$350. 2 […]

Underwater Camera Drone Technology is Here – the Seawolf


Ever wished your flying camera drone can go underwater? Here it is…   Camera drones are all the rage today, but what if you want to take your camera down into water instead of up into the air? That’s where the Seawolf comes in… Source: The Seawolf is to Water as Camera Drones Are to […]

How Not to Burn Files from Hard Drive to DVD Discs on Windows


In this age of broadband, cloud and flash drives, do we need DVD discs? Adobe and Apple has abandoned support for DVDs in favour of the cloud. Even new laptops, tablets and mobile devices do not support drives anymore. So why am I still burning DVDs? It took the whole day burning 30 discs. Each disc […]