Singapore to Los Angeles Trip Planner Blog 2017

In this post, I plan my trip to LA in July 2017 for business and pleasure. SG to LA (THINGS TO DO BEFORE FLIGHT) Do Singaporeans need a visa to enter the USA? How much is the airfare and what is the flight time? How much is the travel insurance for humans and for equipment? […]

Vlogging Restart, FZ2500 Power, Premiere Pro

“Breathe, smile, thank, forgive, and visualise your day blossom with happiness.” – Adrian Lee Today, I re-started the daily vlogging routine. Re-started? Yes, it stopped for nearly 2 weeks. VLOGGING RESTART What worked? Why? I did shoot the vlogs. It’s easy to shoot. What did not work? Why? Editing is delayed. The editing task ahead feels daunting. […]