Next IT Exhibition in SG – IT EXPO 2016

What’s the Next IT Exhibition in Singapore?

  • COMEX 2016 | 8 to 11 September 2016 | 11am to 9pm | Suntec Singapore

In the meantime, there is,

  • IT EXPO 2016 | 17 to 19 June 2016 | 11am to 9pm | Singapore Expo Hall 5

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Computer and IT Exhibition in Singapore – IT EXPO 2016

IT Fair in Singapore 2016

What’s the Next IT Exhibition in Singapore?

  • COMEX 2016 | 8 to 11 September 2016 | 11am to 9pm | Suntec Singapore

In the meantime, there is,

  • Harvey Norman Home Maker Carnival | 24 to 26 June 2016 | 11am to 9.30pm | Suntec City Hall 401 | Acer Aspire Notebook S$1098 S$870
  • The Denki Show @ Waterway Point | Now till 26 June 2016 | 10am to 10pm

Also, check out this week’s online IT Promotional Deals,

Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition


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Side Note:

My Digital Electronics Shopping List

Major IT Fairs like this is where I purchase all my digital electronic stuff! Why? Free gifts and discounts!

Here’s my shopping list: XiaoMi Redmi Note 3,  Wireless Inkjet Printer that can also print on CDsPower Bank, Solid State Drive SSD, iPhone 6S Plus, Wireless Printer, GoPro, Quadcopter Drones with Camera, 64GB or 128GB microSD Card for Samsung Galaxy Tab A (Note Mustafa selling 64GB at S$35).

This is what I have been waiting for. A full Windows 10 tablet that can be charged with USB. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S / Light Windows 10 / SSD 128GB S$1899 S$1511

Here’re my research tasks: Check out Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5, latest DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Windows Phones – Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. Compare mobile and broadband deals at SingtelStarhub, and M1.


Upcoming Major I.T. Fairs

  • COMEX 2016 | 8 to 11 September 2016 | 11am to 9pm | Suntec Singapore
  • SITEX 2016 | When: November 2016 (TBC) | Where: Singapore (TBC)
  • IT SHOW 2017 | When: March 2017 (TBC) | Where: Singapore (TBC)
  • PC SHOW 2017 |  When: June 2017 (TBC) | Where: Singapore (TBC)

(*TBC: to be confirmed)

Tip 1: Visit on the last day for better prices from some exhibitors, but expect to squeeze like sardines.

Tip 2: When buying anything from any shop, big or small, open the box to check that you have all the correct items inside.  I had to return the second day to get a missing cable for the USB fan. Make sure to get the receipt, and know where to find the vendor after the show. Also happened a few  years ago with my CANON printer ink purchase (wrong model in the bag)!

Keep up with the tech vendors in Singapore: Apple, Samsung, XiaoMi, Lenovo, SanDisk

Read more IT News at HardwareZone and BootStrike.

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Adrian Lee

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PPS: Past events – Samsung Brand Fair | The Denki Show | IT EXPO | PC SHOW 2016 | Courts Urgent Leave Sale | Largest Aircon and Home Electronics Show 2016  |  Smart Electronics Fair 2016 | Gain City 35th Anniversary Sale 2016 | CEE 2016

PPPS: Here’s what I nearly bought and bought from PC SHOW 2016.

– XiaoMi TV box $99

– Seagate slimmest HDD 1tb $99

– Sandisk extreme pro 128gb 260 speed $105

– Epson wifi printer w cd print. No cartridge. $379.

– wifi storage for micro sd $40. (Qoo10 wireless card reader $19)

– VR box $20

– Sandisk micro sd 128gb $62

– Remax iPhone Samsung cable. 2 for $5. Bought.

– Transcend HDD 1tb $85.

– JMGO projector. Battery operated with built in speakers. HDMI input. $949

– Leagoo elite y $149. Bought.

– Canon printer mg7770 wireless printer with scanner and cd printing. $259

– Seagate 1tb backup plus hard disk drive. $84. Bought.

The Facebook routine that turns 365 days into one week

This is one of the fastest business networking routine I have ever seen. 

It’s Friday again. What a busy week!

Countless Facebook messaging (and three Fiverr gigs on the side). 

It’s like business networking all over again. This time digitally. 

(I was once the president of a BNI chapter, before I shamelessly stepped away due to business issues.)

Like the real world, there are 3 types of people I meet online. 

1. People that discuss ideas and make collaborations with me. 

2. People that start blasting products at me after adding them as a friend. 

3. Then the rest. Those that say hello and disappear into the background. 

My biggest regret is… Why didn’t I learn this technique earlier. 

Facebook has been around for years and I have neglected it. 

It’s never too late though, as proven by this single week alone. 

Here’s what I did. 

1. Write helpful comments in other people’s posts. 

2. Join groups related to my interest and industry. 

3. Ask for help when I need help. 

Then there is the legitimate way of adding friends without spamming. 

Want to know more? Join my private presentation.

Perfection and Perseverance: What They Are, What They Do and Side Effects

Last night, I worked till 4am. 

Dozed off at one point, because I had to get this one thing done.

This one thing started in the morning. 

This one thing I have neve done before. 

This one thing I promised someone I’ll do. 

All my current tools cannot do it. So I spent US$100 to buy a new tool. 

It’s a new tool so I had to spend several hours to learn it.

After many trial and error, I still cannot get it done. 

I thought. Let’s give up. Let’s tell him I cannot do it. 

But the stubborn nature in me says,!anything is possible if you try harder and longer. 

The logical brain says. It’s only a $50 job. 

It’s a $50 dollar job I got from Fiverr. (Yes you can earn more than $5 from Fiverr.)

It’s Wednesday afternoon now. And it’s still not done. And the delivery is today. 

Think Adrian think. Having perseverance and being a perfectionist won’t feed your family. 

This is what I am going to do next…

(Have you ever wished you were not doing what you are doing right now? And You want out?)

I am going to take a break and divert my attention to Something more profitable and productive.

See my yesterday’s post on how I used one technique from to get pouring responses from an ad.