#Run 3.3km in 28mins and Connecting with Nature


I felt the urge to run in the park today. Actually I just wanted to be with nature. It’s 8pm and I am listening to crickets. I reflected as breeze blew into my ear. Reflection Our eyes detect limited number of colors. If I close my eyes, can I see more things? We remember only […]

How to Embed Instagram Video on WordPress

Embed Instagram on Wordpress

How to embed an Instagram video on a WordPress blog post? According to: https://en.support.wordpress.com/instagram/ … Go to your laptop or desktop computer. Not on mobile. From an internet browser, go to https://instagram.com Add the username like https://instagram.com/starwars Browse through clips to find the thumbnail of the video. Click on the video and copy the URL in the address bar. Go to WordPress and paste the URL […]

Know Your Private Drone and Quadcopter Laws in USA

Drone Laws in United States

Drones are lightweight remote-controlled flying aircrafts with propellors. They are getting cheaper and hence more popular among hobby users. There may be 8000 private drones flying in USA by 2019 according to FAA. Imagine what would happen if there are no highway codes on the roads. Now Imagine what would happen if there are no […]

How to Add Emoji to a MacBook Pro Keyboard

Emoji on Mac

Want to type emoji’s on your MacBook Pro like your iPhone? Here’s how: Place your cursor in the text box. Press and hold three keys in this sequence – “control” – “command” – “space”. Thats it! 👏😀👍 Please share and subscribe! PS: You can type only one emoji at a time after which you have to […]

Run 3 km in 27 mins and Feeling Present


After 2 weeks of no work out, I am back on the tracks again. What’s the excuse for that long break? Work and work! My work is physically and mentally demanding you know. So I am not totally deviated away from my regular exercise. The major difference is being with nature and being present. That’s […]

NDP 2015 Aerial Display and Fireworks View from The Float

NDP 2015 Aerial Display and Fireworks View from the Float

YES!  I was at The Float on 9 August 2015, National Day. Seated around the right side of the stage near the back. Recorded the video with my Sony HXR-MC50 camcorder. Edited the 3-minute highlight with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. I was not the camera crew, but a spectator with my colleagues. At first I thought […]

Building an Online Business – August 17 2015 Report

Building an Online Business

This is my first public report, otherwise it’s been a private journal. It’s about the work I do every day to build a steady income online. The aim is to reach a level so as to quit my current service income. What did I do to build my online business? Created an IFTTT recipe to pin products from iPhone […]

How Do You Pronounce IKEA in Swedish

Elmtaryd Agunnaryd where IEA founder grew up

Last week I met a Swedish speaker at an international conference. I told him that his presentation slides were visually impressive. Unlike others with boring Powerpoint templates, his was different. Each slide was a full photograph with a few bold font words on it. It reminded me of the clean designs by IKEA, which is […]