Letter to Mr Jeff Bezos – Amazon Associates Closed My Account

Dear Mr Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com,

I have been an Amazon Associate since 1998. 

I helped you earn your millions. 

I helped you fund your space projects. 

I helped become who you are today. 

Yes, I am only a tiny “associate”of your giant organization. 

I am just a little guy trying to make a living to feed my family. 

Then you have to close my account because you found some links pasted in the wrong places. 

I admit I may have used the affiliate link to recommend friends via email to buy the product from you only and no one else. 

So I did wrong. That’s my bad. 

But what about the hundreds of dollars of commission that I made through legitimate means. 

What about them? Why are you keeping them? 

I earned them. I made you rich. 

I planned to spend the money to bring my family for a holiday. 

But now the plan is dashed because you are not giving me whatever commission that is not paid out before the account closure. 

Mr Jeff Bezos, sir. Your highness of the internet empire,

Please search your conscience. 

You were once a small guy. Now that you are a huge figure, you have become the typical elitist. 

I don’t want to use the word scam or con, but the money that I have earned legitimately should be given to me. 

Why did you take away my little family holiday to fund your space project?

Adrian Lee

Your faithful former Amazon Associate since 1998

TribeCar Singapore Car Rental Review

23 May 2016: Attended the TribeCar 15-minute briefing at Paya Ubi Industrial Park. There were about fifteen of  us.  All were  there for leisure. One was there for GrabCar. After the briefing, deposited S$100 to sign up.

Why did I sign up?

  • Rent a car for only S$2 per hour. Insurance is included. You just pay for petrol and use your own cash card.
  • The pickup branch is all over Singapore. One of them is just a few steps away from home at Punggol.
  • I may join Uber later, but for now, I need a car next week for work.

Will it be more economical than taking a taxi or riding Uber? I will find out soon.

The review continues after I actually drive out the first car next week.

Sign up and earn free rental credits here. (disclaimer: I will earn credits too if you sign up with this link. Win-win :D)

Under-$100 (Sports XDV V60) 4K Wifi Action Camera – Unboxing and Review

Unboxing the Under S$100 (XDV V60) 4K Wifi Action Camera and Accessories

20 April 2016: I bought this unbranded 4K Wifi Action Camera with 2-inch screen on 18 April 2016. Received it 2 days later on 20 April 2016. It costs less than S$100. Comes with plenty of accessories including underwater housing. Check it out.

Click here to check out the 4K Wifi Action Camera with 2-inch screen – S$85 (only S$45 for FHD version, no 4K)

Testing the unbranded (XDV V60) 4K Wifi Action Camera

Underwater and 4K Test

Note: Not really unbranded. The start up screen shows “Sports XDV”. Who’s that!??

Photo test at 16MP

Note: It was automatically captioned “This photo is taken by AllWinner’s v3-sdv”. Hmmm!??

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

Biking and Time Lapse Test – 4K

Check out the XDV V60 4K Wifi Action Camera with 2-inch screen here.