Best Language Translator App for Travel

Have you wished you understood the sign boards in a foreign country?

Now, you don’t have to be Lucy from the movie “Lucy” who can translate foreign languages using more than 10% of her brain.

All you need is Google Translate.

The major update released in January 2015 comes with powerful features.

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Handbook on CFDs Trading – Book Review

Book: Handbook on CFDs Trading
Author: Nicholas Tan
Publisher: Rank Books
Read on: 12 January 2015

41 Take-aways:

  1. . Stocks for CFD varies from broker to broker.
  2. . Pay only 10 to 20% of underlying stock value.
  3. . Do not own underlying stocks but beware dividend.
  4. . Upon dividend payment, must pay back if short.
  5. . CFDs have no expiry date unlike options.
  6. . Must have deposit of min 20% contract value.
  7. . If fall below 20%, margin call to top up.
  8. . Must pay interest for open position till sold.
  9. . Earn interest if short position.
  10. . Must pay commission charge per transaction.
  11. . No fixed contract size.
  12. . Can trade SGX, overseas shares, forex and commodities.
  13. . In a wrong directional trade, loss can be big.
  14. . Always put a stop loss order on open positions.
  15. . Use hedging strategy against direction change.
  16. . Use Pair Spread Strategies in uncertain market situations.
  17. . Buy one stock and sell another at the same time and same cost.
  18. . Buy one equity with strongest outlook and another with the weakest.
  19. . Fundamental news resources:
  20. .
  21. . > Research
  22. . Trading opportunity Information to look out for:
  23. . Company securing contracts.
  24. . Company Financial earnings report and release date. Act before the announcement.
  25. . > Company Announcements
  26. . Brokers upgrade or downgrade of stocks will impact the stock price.
  27. . Sponsored research reports have little impact on the stock price.
  28. . More impact come from reports by bigger broking houses like Goldman Sach, J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch.
  29. . Subscribe to Dow Jones news.
  30. . Check the news every morning before the market opens.
  31. . Look up for recommendation by bigger broking houses.
  32. . Make sure the counter is either an active counter or an index stock.
  33. . Make sure the difference between the current trading price and the projected price is significant.
  34. . Look out for trading gaps. Huge price difference between opening and last done.
  35. . Common gap: within trading range. No effect.
  36. . Breakaway gap: break from recent high or low or support or resistance. Likely to continue in the same direction of the breakout.
  37. . Midway gap: occurs midway through the trend. Very useful info. Indicates the end point in the same direction. Symmetrical to previous high/low.
  38. . Exhaustion gap: a midway gap that does not continue but gets filled up in a couple of days. Indicates reversal of trend.
  39. . Use support and resistance created within the gap zone. Trade within the zone. Stop loss at 2 points below or above if breakout.
  40. . Use trading momentum retrace method. Buy a dip in a strong trend. Use MACD (EMA 20) to confirm the end of the dip. Use ADX (>30) To gauge the strength of the trend.
  41. . Price pull back on EMA20. ADX >30. MACD line turning after histogram peak. Cut if price drop below previous low. Profit target above previous high.

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Can You Make a Living Trading Stocks?

13 take-aways to a burning question “Can you make a living trading stocks?”

  1. • Take time to master the skill.
  2. • Take advantage of volatility.
  3. • Observe risk management.
  4. • Use proven trading methods.
  5. • Remember – a trader is not an investor.
  6. • Buffer 1 year income – untouched.
  7. • Have a heart of steel – emotionless.
  8. • By nature, losing is more than winning.
  9. • The trick is, lose small win big.
  10. • Set up stop loss and profit target.
  11. • Keep risk:reward (loss:win) ratio < 0.67.
  12. • Set wins 1.5x more than looses.
  13. • Set risk (potential loss) to < 1% of capital.


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Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga Laptop, Tablet and Ultrabook Announcement

If you find that your iOS or Android tablet is handicapped because it cannot operate the software you use on your desktop, then consider the Windows OS Ultrabook.

I just described my pain above.  I want the convenience of a tablet and the power of my software.   Hence I have the Lenovo Thinkpad Helix Ultrabook.

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Singapore Motor Show 2015 Date and Time

Singapore Motorshow 2015


Singapore Motor Show 2015

When :
15 to 18 January 2015

Where :
Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre (Level 4)

What Time :
15 Jan 2015 (Thu) – 12.00noon – 10.00pm (Special Preview)
15 Jan 2015 (Thu) – 5.00pm – 10.00pm
16 Jan 2015 (Fri) – 11.30am – 10.00pm
17 Jan 2015 (Sat) – 10.30am – 10.00pm
18 Jan 2015 (Sun) – 10.30am – 8.00pm

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