The Journal of Adrian Lee | Singapore

“Life is a university. Take notes. Today is a memory of tomorrow. Every moment is a story to tell.” ~ Adrian Lee | Singapore Hi, I am Adrian Lee from Sunny Singapore. My passions are in computers, cars, cash, cooking and my children. How many C’s? In this personal blog, I journal my life’s lessons. […]

Taiwan Travel Vlog Part 3: XiMenDing Street Foods

Which 5 street foods you must try in XiMenDing, Taipei? Even on a cold wet night, the bustling city continues. With giant flashing billboards, it’s like NY Times Square to me. We are here to taste some classic Taiwanese snacks. So this is a vlog of me just sharing my eats. My favorite among all […]

Start Travel Vlogging with Just Your Android Smartphone

Android Travel Vlogging

Stop searching for the best travel camera! It is already in your pocket! I just completed an experiment that my counterparts think is insane. I ditched my DSLR/mirrorless, compact camera and even my iPhone. I vlogged my entire trip in Taiwan with nothing but an Android phone. No external mic, no external light and no […]

Taiwan Travel Vlog Part 2: Rainbow Village This just might be the most colorful attraction in Taiwan. The houses were originally built for the retired Kuomintang soldiers. The temporary construction was destined to be torn down later. A resident soldier decided to save the village from demolition. He painted the walls and floors with cartoon characters and quotes. Today, Mr Huang […]