My SITEX 2015 Haul – USB chargers to USB fan

Here’s what I bought from SITEX 2015 today.


  • 2 USB car chargers at S$10
  • long USB to iPhone port cable S$5
  • 12000 mAh solar power bank S$29
  • iPhone camera wide angle clip lens S$8
  • USB tower fan S$5

When I opened my window curtains to let some light in for this photo, the solar charger LED lights activated and blinked as you can see in the picture.

Update: When buying anything from any shop, big or small, open the box to check that you have all the correct items inside.  I had to return to EXPO the second day to get a missing cable for the USB fan.


Adrian Lee



No Flash on TV tonight because it’s Thanksgiving.  I was all ready to watch the Flash season 2 new episode and discovered, to my disappointment, it was replaced with Dreamwork’s Train the Dragon and KungFu Panda short films. There’s no thanksgiving holiday in Singapore, but the MediaCorp adjusted its programming as if there is.


  1. GoPro Hero 5 release date and price – when and how much?
  2. New AP11 drone by AEE Technology – who is AEE?



SITEX Singapore 2015 Brochure and Price List

SITEX SINGAPORE 2015This is my favourite and also the biggest IT Fair in Singapore. In this post I track down promotional deals for my shopping list!

Scroll down to see my collection of brochures.

SITEX 2015

SITEX 2015 Floor PlanWhen: 26 – 29 November 2015 (11am to 9pm)
Where: Singapore EXPO, Halls 5 & 6
How Much: Free Admission
Highlights: Trade In, Lucky Draw, Adventure IT Arena, Smart Home Living, Gaming Ground, Spotlight @ SITEX, Venue Map, PlanExhibitor Listing, brochures…

  • The Telcos

    • StarHub
    • M1
  • Exhibitors, Brochures and Price List

    • Acer
    • Aftershock PC
    • Apple Special Deals
      • Best Denki
      • EpiCentre
      • Nubox
    • ASUS
    • Creative  
    • Lenovo
    • Aztech is at 5K39 Hall 5
    • Belkin | brochure
    • Buffalo Singapore
    • Blackvue Singapore Car Dash Cam
    • Brother Printer
    • Canon Camera and Printer Promotion
    • Challenger Specials
    • Dell
    • D’link | brochure
    • Epson
    • Fujifilm
    • Fuji Xerox
    • Garmin
    • GoPro
    • Google Nexus?
    • Griffin | brochure
    • HP
    • Huawei
    • HTC
    • iRobot | brochure
    • Jabra | brochure
    • Jaybird
    • Klipsch
    • Kaspersky
    • Kingston
    • Logitech | brochure
    • LG
    • Linksys
    • Microsoft
    • MyRepublic
    • Nikon  
    • Nokia
    • Olympus Early X’mas Special (including free Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick16GB)
    • Panasonic
    • Qnap
    • Razor
    • Samsung Singapore
    • Sony
    • Starhub
    • TP Link
    • ViewQuest
    • VR Zone
    • Western Digital?
    • Wacom?
    • X-mini?
    • AC Ryan | brochure
  • Adventure IT Arena
    • Get into action with Wearable IT gadgets, GoPro action cameras, streaming broadcast, flying drones, underwater photography.
  • Gaming Ground
    • Competition – League of Legends, FIFA Online 3, Alliance of Valiant Arms
    • Gaming Brands – Acer Predator, Alienware, Aorus, Asus ROG, BenQ, Gigabyte, Kingston HyperX, Logitech, MSI, Razer, Samsung, SteelSeries
    • XBOX – Halo 5 Guardians, Forza 6, Fable Legends, Gigantic, Rise of Tomb Raider, Rare Replay, Dance Central Spotlight, FIFA 16
  • Large Retailers: Best Denki | Challenger | Courts | Harvey Norman | Gain City | Newstead

There’s more below waiting for me to sort them out!  Check in later to see the update, OK? Be back soon.


More Information…

Check out the other Computer and IT Exhibitions in Singapore!

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Adrian Lee

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  • Singtel | iPhone Plan | Samsung Galaxy
  • StarHub | iPhone Plan | Samsung Galaxy
  • M1 | iPhone Plan | Samsung Galaxy

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Computer and IT Exhibitions in Singapore 2015 / 2016

ONE Major Exhibition going on:

  • LAST DAY! 26-29 Nov 2015: SITEX 2015 @ EXPO | Check out my crazy brochure collection, plenty of promotional deals.
    • The 3 biggest booths are…
  • Check out my SITEX 2015 Haul from USB chargers to USB fan!
  • TIP: When buying anything from any shop, big or small, open the box to check that you have all the correct items inside.  I had to return the second day to get a missing cable for the USB fan. Since today is the last day, make sure to get the receipt, and know where to find the dealer after the show.

Other deal updates:

My tech blogs:


What Gadget Are You Getting?

Major IT Fairs like this is where I purchase all my digital electronic stuff! Why? Free gifts and discounts!

Here’s my shopping list:  Power Bank, Solid State Drive SSD, iPhone 6S Plus, Wireless Printer, GoPro, Quadcopter Drones with Camera, 64GB or 128GB microSD Card for Samsung Galaxy Tab A (Note Mustafa selling 64GB at S$35)…

Here’s my research tasks: Check out Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5, latest DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Windows Phones. Compare mobile and broadband deals at SingtelStarhub and M1.

More related products to explore: iZest, Marbella Car Cam

Computer & IT Exhibitions in Singapore 2015Other Upcoming Major I.T. Fairs

  • IT SHOW 2016
    When:  10 to 13 March 2016 (11am to 9pm daily)
    Where: SUNTEC Singapore Levels 3, 4 and 6
    How Much: Free Admission
  • PC SHOW 2016 (26th Edition)
    When: June 2016 (tbc)
    Where: Singapore (tbc)
    How Much: Free Admission
  • COMEX 2016
    When: September 2016 (tbc)
    Where: Singapore (tbc)
    How Much: Free Admission
  • SITEX 2016
    When: November 2016 (tbc)
    Where: Singapore (tbc)
    How Much: Free Admission

(*tbc: to be confirmed)

Tip: Visit on the last day for better prices from some exhibitors, but expect to squeeze like sardines.

Do you know other IT shows and deals?  Share it in the comment box.


Adrian Lee

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Best Video Camera for Shooting Interviews

What is the best video camera for shooting interviews and talks?

  • First, forget about using DSLRs or cameras made to take still photos. Why? They are not made to record good quality sounds. You can overcome that by getting an external audio recorder, but that is additional hassle.
  • Get and use a proper video camera or more commonly known as camcorders.
  • The top 3 well known and reliable camcorder brands are Sony, Panasonic and Canon.
  • If you ask me, I will choose Sony. Why? I have used all 3 brands and Sony is simply better design-wise.
  • Sony’s recorded color seems to be richer than other brands, which is a good thing because we need to enhance colors in edit anyway.
  • Sony is way more expensive than other brands, which it has lived up to, in terms of reliability and design.
  • As of this month November 2015, Sony has 5 available models in Singapore.
  • The prices of the models range from S$549 to S$2299 depending on its number of features.
  • WAIT! Don’t go rushing out to buy the cheapest model just because I said Sony is good.
  • You want to use the video camcorder to record interviews and talks. So it must be able to do that well.
  • To record great audio quality of speeches with any camera, you must use an external microphone.  I am going to recommend you one later.
  • When I say external mic, I don’t mean the shotgun mic you can plug on top of your camera! I mean one you can shove, or clip it, about 6-inches from the speaking person’s mouth.
  • Hence you need a microphone input jack to plug in the external microphone.
  • WAIT again! Some cameras have microphone input jacks, BUT do not have headphones output jack.  What?
  • Why do you need a headphones output jack?  You want to record great audio, and to do that, you have to listen closely to what you are recording at all times.
  • WAIT once more! So you have great audio. How about your video? Is it equally great? One without the other makes a sucky video.
  • Here is my list of 6 must-have features in any camera that I buy for business:
    1. Focus Manual/Automatic
    2. ExposureManual/Automatic
    3. White Balance Manual/Automatic
    4. Optical Zoom
    5. Microphone Input Jack
    6. Headphones Output Jack
  • Now lets look at the 5 current Sony video camcorder models:
    1. HDR-CX405 – S$549 | F E W Z O M H
    2. HDR-PJ410 – S$799  | F E W Z O M H
    3. HDR-PJ670 – S$1299  | F E W Z O M H
    4. HDR-CX900E – S$1999  | F E W Z O M H
    5. FDR-AXP35 – S$2299  | F E W Z O M H
  • Only 3 have all 6 must-have features:
    1. HDR-PJ670 – S$1299  | USP: Projector
    2. HDR-CX900E – S$1999  | USP: 1″ sensor
    3. FDR-AXP35 – S$2299  | USP: 4K
  • Which ONE out of the three should you choose?  Considering the fact that you will be making videos for business that will most likely end up on the web, you don’t need 1″ sensor and 4K super high resolution arty feature. So the winner is…
  • The microphone I recommend is… Sony Bluetooth WirelessMicrophone System ECM-W1M – S$279  Bluetooth® Wireless Microphone System ECM-W1M
  • You need tripod and lights too… and optionally a backdrop.
  • Recommended video tripod: Sony Remote Control Tripod VCT-VPR1 – S$159
  • Recommended on-camera light: Sony LED Video Light HVL-LE1 – S$269
  • Recommended backdrop: Get from Amazon – Photo Video Studio Backdrop Background Kit US$60
  • Recommended a pair of studio lights for backdrop: Get from Amazon – 700W Photography Softbox Light Lighting Kit US$70
  • You can try to get the lights from Red Dot Photo in Singapore.  I got mine from the friendly people there.
  • You also need to know the best angle to frame and shoot. I will talk about this more in a later post.

Feel free to write your thoughts or leave a question.

25Nov2015 – Blue Camera Case, Car Rental Australia, WordPress Anchor Links, Interview Video Camera, Raining Like Kamino

  1. Evecase Blue SLR Camera Holster Case
  2. Renting a car in Australia as a tourist
  3. How to create anchor links in WordPress
  4. What is the best video camera for shooting interviews and talks?
  5. It feels like Kamino – raining Jedi and Bounty Hunters

Evecase Blue SLR Camera Holster Case

Sold a nice blue camera case with matching strap this morning from the online store. US$59.99 US21.95

Evecase Blue SLR Camera Holster Case

Evecase Blue SLR Camera Holster Case

Renting a car in Australia as a tourist

The Australia self-drive travel research continues…

12 Dec 2015 10am pickup at Sydney.
17 Dec 2015 10am return at Gold Coast Airport.

So the price varies depending on which part of Sydney you pick up the car.

  • International Airport. from $132 to $1364. Thrifty and Ace looks affordable.
  • Domestic Airport. same rate as international airport.
  • Central – look expensive. S$913 to 1208. Mostly AVIS.
  • York Street – no car
  • William Street – no car
  • George Street. $595 to $6812… mostly Keddy and Europcar.
  • Kings Cross. $913 to $1208. Mostly AVIS.
  • Pitt Street. $913 to $1208. Mostly AVIS.
  • Domain Car Park. no car
  • Downtown. $563 to $962. Mostly Europcar, Keddy, Budget.
  • North. no car.
  • Blakehurst. no car.
  • Auburn. no car.
  • Revesby. no car.

How to create anchor links in WordPress

I want to hyperlink to a specific part in a post and not show the long post from the start.  It’s called Anchor Links where you create an “anchor at a selected position in the post, then create link to that from elsewhere.

I know how to insert anchor links the tedious way, today I found an easier way by installing this plugin… WP Simple Anchors Links.

  • Add anchor links shortcode  inside your content via a button in Wisiwig mode.
  • Then create a link inside your site with #your_id for the href link. Your link look likes <a href="#your_id">my link</a>

A working example of an anchor link is in this post… go up click on the number 3 item and it will bring you here.

How to create anchor links in WordPress

What is the best video camera for shooting interviews and talks?

It feels like Kamino – raining Jedi and Bounty Hunters

It’s raining tonight and my Star Wars app says it feels like Kamino.


Questions lingering in my head at the end of the day:

  • Which video editing software can and cannot do green screen effect?
  • How to deposit US$ cheques without extra charges in Singapore?