I am Adrian Lee, an introvert infopreneur living in Singapore. I spend my time with 1 wife, 2 kids and 3 computers. My passion is in digital electronics, internet business and quantum physics. In this personal blog, I share my notes and journals. Enjoy!

Oh yes… I love visiting Computer Shows and IT Exhibitions in Singapore for all the bonus and bargains!

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Adrian Lee


YouTube Achievements

YouTube Video with over 1 million views…

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A little bit of History…

My business history

  1. Adrian Video Image. #06-33 North Bridge Centre. Apr 1998.
  2. Adrian Video Image. 84A Neil Road. Apr 2000.
  3. Adrian Video Image. #01-39 Kim Seng Plaza. Apr 2003.
  4. Adrian Video Image. #02-42 Kim Seng Plaza. Apr 2005.
  5. VideoLane Pte Ltd. 1003 Bukit Merah Central #06-07. Apr 2007.
  6. VIDEOLANE.COM LLP. 199C Punggol Field #11-425. Apr 2013 to today.

My car history

  1. Lada 1.3L. Date?
  2. Daihatsu Charade 1.0L. EN713T. Date?
  3. Mitsubishi Lancer Station Wagon 1.3L. SBM4164S. Mar 2000.
  4. Kia Spectra Hatchback 1.6L. SDX8948P. Mar 2003 to Mar 2013.
  5. BMW-L series (Bus MRT Walk – LRT). Apr 2013

My favourite websites

  1. Biggest Online Trends | BOOMZ.net
  2. Camera Reviews | ViralVideoSecret.com
  3. Camcorder Reviews | VideoRecordMode.com
  4. Sport Action Camera | SportActionCamera.com
  5. Videography Coach | VideoLane.com
  6. Free online file converter
  7. SuccessGarage.com
  8. Instant Viral Video
  9. iPhone Case Blog Shop | Cool Cover Collection
  10. Subscribe to My YouTube Channel
  11. Viral Video Income | Get Paid to Share Videos!
  12. Wedding Trends Update | WedzUp.com
  13. Hostgator Unlimited Web Hosting


Note to self:

  • Probable Projects for 2016:
  1. YouTube analytics
  2. Easy Video production for busy people. Minimum setup time. Minimum equipment. Quick content plan.
  3. Creating an animated video Step by step the easy way.
  4. How to generate traffic to a product web page.
  5. Making videos that are more engaging, and capture viewers more effectively.
  6. How to use google plus with YouTube.
  7. Update on the latest technology in cameras, lighting, software, etc.
  8. 2016 Youtube Video marketing cheat sheet.
  9. Editing iPhone Video on a PC.
  10. Making videos to sell real estate property.
  11. Making business videos with iPhone.
  12. How to make educational and training videos that get the points across.
  13. How to live stream an event.