I am Adrian Lee, a Videography and Video Editing Coach in Singapore. I spend my free time with my wife, two kids and my iPhone. I have passion for internet marketing and business networking! In this personal blog, I share my inner thoughts and feelings. Enjoy!

Oh yes… I love visiting Computer Shows and IT Exhibitions in Singapore for all the bonus and bargains!

What You Will Find On This Video Blog

This video blog is an upgrade and continuation from another blog at  http://adriansjournal.blogspot.com.

In this video blog, I will show you:

  • How to make better social videos for marketing
  • The easiest and fastest methods to make videos
  • Reviews of video making products and software
  • Strategies on video SEO and internet marketing
  • Interviews with experts and business owners
  • Private snapshots of my life and favorite things
  • Fun stuff I do with iPhone apps and accessories

With over 10 years of making videos for Multinational Companies and Government Agencies, I have mastered the art of creating compelling videos that made me good money.

Today, video is heading towards the internet and mobile devices.

I will be riding on the trend by making more money with web videos.

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Talk soon!


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A little bit of History recollection.

My businesses

  1. Adrian Video Image. #06-33 North Bridge Centre. Apr 1998.
  2. Adrian Video Image. 84A Neil Road. Apr 2000.
  3. Adrian Video Image. #01-39 Kim Seng Plaza. Apr 2003.
  4. Adrian Video Image. #02-42 Kim Seng Plaza. Apr 2005.
  5. VideoLane Pte Ltd. 1003 Bukit Merah Central #06-07. Apr 2007.
  6. VIDEOLANE.COM LLP. Punggol. Apr 2013 to today.

My cars

  1. Lada 1.3L. Date?
  2. Daihatsu Charade 1.0L. EN713T. Date?
  3. Mitsubishi Lancer Station Wagon 1.3L. SBM4164S. Mar 2000.
  4. Kia Spectra Hatchback 1.6L. SDX8948P. Mar 2003 to Mar 2013.
  5. BMW (Bus Mrt Walk). Apr 2013

My Favourite Websites

  1. Biggest Online Trends | BOOMZ.net
  2. Camera Reviews | ViralVideoSecret.com
  3. Camcorder Reviews | VideoRecordMode.com
  4. Sport Action Camera | SportActionCamera.com
  5. Videography Coach | VideoLane.com
  6. Free online file converter
  7. Grow Your Business. Improve Your Life. | SuccessGarage.com
  8. Instant Viral Video
  9. Internet Video Gal
  10. iPhone Case Blog Shop | Cool Cover Collection
  11. iPhoneography
  12. Make Money Online Fast | RapidCashMaker.com
  13. NetworkingNow.com
  14. Subscribe to My YouTube Channel
  15. Viral Video Income | Get Paid to Share Videos!
  16. Wedding Trends Update | WedzUp.com
  17. Xperia Update | What’s New in Sony Xperia
  18. Hostgator Unlimited Web Hosting


101 Lifetime Goals

(inspired by Jack Canfield, Tim Ferriss)

  1. HAVE
  2. A penthouse overlooking fireworks. (S$800k) + 1 Lamborghini + 1 SUV
  3. Highly skilled mid-brain power. (time)
  4. Have confident kids
  5. Have S$10k/m passive income. (time)
  6. Have:S$2,000,000.00 cash in hand
  7. BE
  8. Happy Daddy, husband, son.
  9. Be Young: full hair, sharp eyes, smooth skin, slim tummy, energetic.
  10. DO
  11. Travel the world monthly and PAID.
  12. Work anywhere with a mobile device.
  13. See PayPal alerting new income hourly.
  14. Produce video daily, Collect emails. Send them tutorials , reviews, news and affiliate recommendation. Until 10 free materials, compile and sell in marketplaces.
  15. Make wife happy.
  16. From fengshui: First, improve (work) career sector to bring in money. Then improve (invest) wealth sector to grow money.
  17. Selfie w old friends and colleagues.
  18. TRAVEL
  19. Walk on north pole ice.
  20. See aurora.
  21. Walk on desert sand.
  22. Float in space.
  23. Tour in Hollywood.
  24. Play in Las Vegas.
  25. Go Food tour.
  26. Eat fried grasshoppers.
  27. Go Adventure tour.
  28. Film the Milky Way and shooting stars.
  29. Capture stock footage
  30. CODE
  31. SELL PHP apps for UCM, big small, wp themes n plugins, crm saas …
  32. SELL video editing beginner guide series… all major software.
  33. TEACH
  34. final cut pro x
  35. premiere pro
  36. after effects
  37. Camtasia
  38. Youtube Marketing
  39. photoshop
  40. dslr
  41. kinetic typography, motion infographic, whiteboard video, explainer video.
  42. keynote
  43. Learn
  44. UCM: Feng Shui.
  45. ZHINENG Qi gong: telekinesis. natural healing. Reiki. sense danger. Psychic development studies.
  46. home food production.
  47. water collection and storage.
  48. off-grid energy sources.
  49. home-based medicine production.
  50. self defence.
  51. CHILL out after work. Watch TV. Listen to Dance Hits. Go to a Pub. Laugh with jokes, comedies (SNL).
  52. Bend space time again.
  53. Strengthen my pre-cognitive senses.