The Secret to Growing My Small Business | #22 of 30-day Blogging Challenge

Here are 3 steps I discovered to grow my one-man show small business.

About a year ago, I was struggling to revive my training business after the Singapore government introduced the SkillsFuture training credit scheme.

As an individual, I cannot qualify to provide the scheme to my course participants. I have to transform my business into a certified training institute first.

Running my business as a school is not my cup of tea. I still prefer to provide videography services and teach occasionally.

Then I discovered the 3 steps and I broke out of my self-reliant way of doing things.

  1. Identify your strength. Prove what you can do. In my case, I can share my 10 years of experience in videography and video editing.
  2. Identify your weakness. Find someone else to fill the void. In my case, I found a school that could provide the credit scheme.
  3. Collaborate to achieve success. The school needs expert trainers. I need a certified school. Together we achieve business growth.

Collaboration is the new competition” –

There is another way I am looking at to grow my small business. YouTube is looking for good content. I have plenty of content to share. Find out how this collaboration can bring you extra income with the YT Profits Maximizer system.

Are you looking for someone to collaborate with?

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Adrian Lee
Journal of a Work at Home Dad in Singapore


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This blogging challenge is inspired by the Shiney Object Lemonade – a system that makes you $200 per day with your blog.

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The news about the worldwide ransomware hacker attack is scaring me.

I need to backup my website with the following conditions.

  1. Backup locally on my own physical storage media.
  2. Easy to restore anytime without technical hassles.
  3. Automatically backs up whenever I make changes.

I don’t trust my web hosting company’s backup service. I was denied access to my own backup data when my site was taken down by hackers. Read my angry story here.

Here’re some instructions…


Internet marketing gurus have been teaching to write content.

All of them advise giving value first before even selling anything.

My audience seems to be different. The direct opposite.

  • They are not interested in my story or even my personal events
  • They want me to sell them and inform them about any latest deals
  • They specifically join my list so they know what and where to buy stuff

I need an IM expert to guide me here.

So far I have found two who are quite close to my situation.

Micheal’s CM system and Murray’s SOL system.


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