TribeCar Singapore – Review

Update 28 July 2017: After being a Tribecar member for over a year, I finally rented a car.


  • Booking online was a breeze. No app required.
  • Starting and end the trip was also a breeze. Again no app required. Just a browser on the smartphone.
  • The car was in good condition. Powerful Aircon. Smooth engine. Quality speakers (radio).
  • Only S$24 for 4 hours vs $80 Uber 2-way trip.
  • Didn’t pay a cent. Had S$45 credit in the e-wallet.
  • Quick and Responsive support staff. Had an ERP IU problem.

Become a member of Tribecar and experience the convenience.


  • Wasted one hour solving the ERP IU problem. The unit could only recognize the traditional NETS Cash Card. Had to go to 7-11 to buy one (S$10).
  • Pumped too much petrol (S$15). Traveled from Punggol to NTU and back.

23 May 2016: Attended the TribeCar 15-minute briefing at Paya Ubi Industrial Park.

There were about fifteen of  us.  All were  there for leisure. One was there for GrabCar. After the briefing, deposited S$100 to sign up.

Why did I sign up?

  • Rent a car for only S$2 per hour. Insurance is included. You just pay for petrol and use your own cash card.
  • The pickup branch is all over Singapore. One of them is just a few steps away from home at Punggol.
  • I may join Uber later, but for now, I need a car next week for work.

Will it be more economical than taking a taxi or riding Uber? I will find out soon.

The review continues after I actually drive out the first car next week (never did).

Sign up and earn free rental credits here. (disclaimer: I will earn credits too if you sign up with this link. Win-win :D)

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  1. If you are looking to sign up with Tribecar Singapore Pte Ltd, do note my bad experience with them and FULLY read the terms and conditions.
    Also, please do some research for real user reviews of the company. As of writing, these are the most commonly overlooked terms:
    1. Trying to withdraw your $100 deposit will incur a $5 charge even if you have not made any booking yet.
    2. Any top ups are non refundable.
    3. Withdrawing of deposit will require a waiting time of up to 45 days. And deposit took me 5 min to confirm…

    Once again, not saying that it is a scam, but their website faq and terms conditions are very vague and most of the time, you wont really understand what they mean until you’ve deposited, topped up and try make a booking on their platform.

  2. Hi after using for three months, the cars were mostly old cars or coe cars. They are seldom maintained or cleaned(even though they have a rule for Tues drivers to clean the car, nobody follows and tribe car doesn’t enforce or do their own servicing) , not advisable for grab or uber drivers, even worse for family with kids. They don’t have a phone for emergency response and feedback. They also also gave rude replies when given feedback.

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