Portable 12000mAh Solar Power Bank Testing

Here is the test result of the S$29 “brand-less” Solar Power Bank I bought from SITEX 2015.  It has 12000mAh capacity, 2 USB outlets and 1 micro USB inlet.  It also has an emergency LED on the side.


Recharging Solar Power Bank with USB charger

  • 28 Nov 2015. 2.20pm. Charged with Samsung Tab A USB wall charger.
  • 5.5 hours later. 7.45pm. Charged 3 bars. Final bar still blinking.
  • 6.5 hours later. 8.45pm. Fully charged. 4 bars.
  • 6.5 hours to recharge the solar power bank using USB Charger.

Recharging Solar Power Bank under direct sun

  • Done this across several days. Clocked more than 10 hours. No increase in number of bars, though blinking indicator says it is charging.
  • This could be a fake solar charger because no sign of power increase under the sun for hours. It is a real power bank though.

Charging a drained iPhone 6 with a full powered Solar Power Bank.

  • 10pm to 12 midnight. iPhone fully charged in 2 hours. Solar Power Bank still show 4 bars.
  • Next morning, Solar Power Bank shows 3 bars.
  • This guy could charge my iPhone 6 four times over.
  • That means I can go  without AC power outlet for a full day or 2 with heavy iPhone usage.

This brandless solar power bank is going to Australia with me.

Here’s a very similar device on Amazon US$20. Remember to read the reviews first before buying.

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