Camera Travel Insurance in Singapore

I am looking for insurance to protect my camera and other equipment while on a business trip out of Singapore.

No one seems to be able to answer my questions.

  • travel insurance for camera equipment and laptops
  • camera insurance for photographers
  • video camera insurance
  • videography insurance
  • MacBook travel insurance

First,  Should I buy insurance with the air ticket? NO!

Travel Insurance comparison…

Look out for coverage…

Travel insurance for camera and laptop

  • “…policies covering up to $2,500 in Baggage and Personal Items Loss, however, only $500 will reimburse for those types of items… If someone is traveling with high priced items and cannot find enough coverage through a travel insurance policy, Squaremouth recommends insuring those items under a homeowner or personal property insurance.” –’t-buy-travel-insurance-to-cover-your-camera-advises-squaremouth/

Business Travel Insurance

There is a business travel insurance cost over S$200 that last for a year and covers an article up to S$1000.

Standard Travel Insurance

The standard travel insurance covers only S$500 per article and costs over S$40 for the travel dates.  Strangely, it covers more for a laptop at S$1000. Our camera costs about 3 times more than a laptop.

A camera is classified as an article in travel insurance policies.

Some home insurance in other countries cover things that you bring out of the house.

Is there such insurance in Singapore?

AXA Home Insurance

Let’s check out AXA website –

So, you can cover up S$7000 per item that you wear or carry with you… how about bringing item out of the house?

AXA home insurance personal belongings select sum.jpg

Excluding these items… no mention of a camera though… does not include items used for business?

AXA home insurance personal belongings.jpg

We have to have receipts, certificates, and photos of the items.

Yes, you can bring the item out of the house and worldwide.

AXA home insurance personal belongings - world wide.jpg

What’s the total?

AXA home insurance personal belongings - world wide - summary.jpg

S$87 for a year. That’s affordable. However, my camera is used for business. So I wonder if that’s a

However, my camera is used for business. So I wonder if there is a business version?

Yes, they do have small business insurance…!#needhelp

Research continues…

So now let’s look into business insurance.

Income Business Insurance

Looking at Income website…

Nothing tells me about coverage outside of the business premises.

Professional Indemnity and Public Liability are coverage worth considering, but that’s another topic.

Not interesting.

AIG Business Insurance

Now let’s check out AIG…

Nothing about protecting assets and items used for business. Move along!

Wait! AIG has one for SME that covers Electronic Equipment… …possible, though looks more like for data centers.

Any Business Insurance for  Worldwide Coverage?

Why are business insurance covering things within office premises only?

What about for people who work with clients anywhere except in the office, and carrying expensive tools?

Quick search. Time is running out.

MSIG. None.

Great Eastern. None.

Help Needed

I still can’t find an adequate insurance coverage for my S$10,000++ equipment used for business outside of my office premises. Does the policy even exist? PM me pls.

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  1. I am also looking around for my client. The highest offered was from Sompo but up till 1k per article and they cant cover if it is for work purposes but I believe there is a way to get through that. I’ve checked Liberty, AIG, MSIG, AXA too. Per article is 500 and 800 max. Quite disappointing.

  2. I am too looking into this area. I am an agent for MSIG and used to do some photo shoot on a leisure level. But didnt managed to keep this hobby long due to work constraints.

    I have ever approached them to design a customised plan for all the photographers in Singapore. Especially the public liability coverage which I feel is important if they are travelling out of Singapore. However they needs numbers. And I could not provide them an estimate.

    1. Hi Leo, I’m interested too. Perhaps they can customise a plan with more limited coverage e.g. damage during transit on planes, trains, buses, cars, etc and only 50% of purchase price or $1,000 whichever is lower?

      1. Sorry guys, I cant convince them for the time being.
        Seems like they are quite conservative when it comes to camera & Accessories

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