Covered in a Blanket of Smoothie | Day 4 of 30-day Blogging Challenge

It’s day 4 of my 30-day blogging challenge. I am feeling motivated to do more. So I joined The Daily Post challenge.

Today’s daily post challenge prompt is “blanket“.

Hmmm… I think I’ve got one.

After preparing her yummy Satay Chicken Burrito for dinner, my daughter went on to prepare her super yummy Power Berry Smoothie.

I recorded the whole process on video for YouTube and the making of smoothie did not go exactly… smoothly.

What happened?

Our dining table top ended up covered in a blanket of berry smoothie!

Covered in a Blanket of Smoothie

Watch how it happened in this video… coming soon.


It’s Friday! Going out for dinner with the family tonight. So I have to finish all my work early.

Today’s ONE major overdue task is…

  1. Create the HitFilm tutorial for a member.

See yesterday’s post for other outstanding tasks. Will carry them to tomorrow.

DIVERSION #1: YouTube-Facebook Experiment

86 views in 16 hours.png

86 view after 16 hours on YouTube.

If I uploaded the same video on Facebook, it would get about 3000 views by now. In this experiment, I posted the YouTube link on Facebook and it got 86 views.

Let’s will check back the results again later after 24 hours.

My idea is this… What’s the point of getting many views on Facebook when the video disappears down the newsfeed after 24 hours? Whereas the YouTube video climbs up the Google searching ranking as it gets more views. Let me know your opinion.

The second experiment after 24 hours is to upload the same video to Facebook and in the description, invite viewers to get the recipe from the YouTube link.


Continue tomorrow…


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To Do:

  • Upload the Burrito video to Facebook and in the description, invite viewers to get the recipe from the YouTube link or blog post. I think the blog post will go a longer way… that will be another 24 hours later.

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