Prioritizing Tasks and Getting Things Done | Day 3 of 30-day Blogging Challenge


First thing in the morning is to quickly prepare and email the working files for the upcoming customized videography training.

Have to get participants to install the files before the class, because it’s a short 4-hour crash course and I am attempting to cover a lot in that time.


I am not the best example when it comes to getting things done.

I seem to get assignments done for paying customers very quickly.

However, if it’s my own task, like creating an online course, nothing happens.

How to solve this issue?

Turn my goals into something someone will pay for and do it.

Try it and see if it works.


1. Edit cooking videos shot yesterday.

2. Create Hitfilm tutorials for a member.

3. Sell Hitfilm courses on VIDEOLANE.COM.


How’s my Facebook cooking video doing?

After one day of posting, it garnered 7300 views and 17 shares.


As I am preparing slides for the upcoming training on Video Editing with the Free Davinci Resolve, a new version 14 comes out.

Sigh… things are moving fast!


Make that HitFilm tutorial.


While exploring HitFilm website, I noticed its simple opt-in box at the bottom with only 3 words… Get Hitfilm news.

So I decided to do the same on my site.

Done that and now I decided to do another thing. Change my pop-box to 1-time only.

Deactivated Popup Builder plugin, because I must pay to have control over it.

Installed Ultimate Popup Free plugin.  Set it up. Created a new popup. Yes, it has the option to display popup on first visit only.

Because of the dark theme, the words are too light to be seen. So I customized the theme to a light color scheme.

Very happy with it… looks like this…

VIDEOLANE popup free

…which led me to announce the change indirectly by re-instating and posting on facebook the customized in-house training for camera videography and video editing… which is related to the task I did early this morning… DIVERSION!

Hungry… lunch time. What are you having for lunch?

After lunch, I decided to edit yesterday’s dinner.

Downloaded a cool free animated live text template for Adobe Premiere Pro from…

Here’s the result… The editing style is inspired by Meatmen SG.

EXPERIMENT: Instead of posting to Facebook and get that 7000 views in one day. Let’s try posting on YouTube first then link that on Facebook. See what happens…


Continue tomorrow…


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