What Should I Vlog About Daily | Day 21 of 30-day Blogging Challenge

Does it take 21 days to form a habit?

I think it does. I’ve done 20 daily blogs consecutively.

What’s going to stop me?

Major client work that will take up my time. Let’s hack (heck) that!

The next habit to develop is the one I keep breaking.

It’s something I do very well for clients, but not for myself.

Vlogging. (ok I don’t make vlogs for clients, but I do make their videos consistently)

So today… I want to transit from daily blogging to daily vlogging.

Wish me luck!

But wait… the thing is you will not know what’s happening to me today until tomorrow.

Why? I have to record myself till the end of the day. Then I have to edit. Which means I can only post the edited version the next day.

Vlogging is unlike writing a blog, where I can update a phrase any time.

So there is going to be some getting used to.

Wait… maybe I will do something different… maybe I can vlog live…

Here’s a live vlog for today.


I think I know the secret to vlogging daily. I “think” because it has yet to be tested.

The secret is to set up a comfortable vlogging environment.

It’s just like the hospitality we receive when stepping into a new hotel room.

I should set up my cameras, my desk and my wardrobe all ready to vlog anytime.

Camera rolling!

I am recording other stuff as I write this.

Again, it’s not like writing a blog… what should I vlog about?

I write my blog as a journal, but I don’t know how to do a journal on video.

To help myself, I am likely going to get the course on YT Profit Maximizer system.

How to add custom links to gallery images in WordPress?

Images in the gallery either open the attachment page or the image itself.

What if I want the image in the attachment page (not gallery) to link to an external site?


Join me as I update the results live…  http://adrianvideoimage.com/10551-2/

Find out what happened Yesterday…  http://adrianvideoimage.com/10533-2/

What would you vlog about daily?

Feel free to comment and subscribe for more.

Adrian Lee
Journal of a Work at Home Dad in Singapore

PS: This blogging challenge is inspired by the Shiney Object Lemonade – How to invest in one blog and make $200 while you sleep.

via Daily Prompt: Hospitality

Test: Changed Youtube video title to show a brand… EU Holidays Travel… Check back later to see viewership result.

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