Singapore Marina Bay Sands View from the Top

Filmed a jewelry brand launch party at Ku De Ta on top of Marina Bay Sands.

The view from one side is Gardens by the Bay and the other side is the city.

The stunning view was captured on video but for client’s use till later date.

Here are some images snapped with my iPhone 4 camera and enhanced.

Bird’s eye view of Singapore city and my camcorder recording time lapse (iPhone 4 camera with HDR).


Original shot without HDR (notice the red sunset sky in the pic above)…


Used Superama for this panoramic shot of Gardens by the Bay aerial view and enhanced with Photoshop Express (saturation up 70%, exposure up 70%)…

Singapore Marina Bay Sands View from the Top

The original before touch up…

Singapore Marina Bay Sands View from the Top

Have you been to the top of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore?

Adrian Lee

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