How Not to Burn Files from Hard Drive to DVD Discs on Windows

In this age of broadband, cloud and flash drives, do we need DVD discs?

Adobe and Apple has abandoned support for DVDs in favour of the cloud.

Even new laptops, tablets and mobile devices do not support drives anymore.

So why am I still burning DVDs? It took the whole day burning 30 discs.


Each disc is a different set of files, so it is not a duplication or replication job.

I make video for paying clients and I deliver the final product via my server.

However, there is one client that still insist on having them lasered on discs.

I am either going to educate this client about the cloud or give it to someone.

What do you think is the future of disc burning? let me know your experience.

Adrian Lee

PS: This is a rant post, but your opinion about disc burning is appreciated.

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