Making Your YouTube Video Popular | #2 of 30-day YouTube Profits Challenge

Infuse heart, soul, spirit and passion because talent is not enough.” – Dominick Cruz

On a similar yet not related note, I am going to infuse video marketing into my business because “camera and editing 101” is not enough.

VIDEOLANE.COM new tagline will be…

“Camera and Editing for Online Video Marketing”

How would a YouTue video look like for a successful video marketing?

  • Set an intention or purpose of the video
  • Use the first 10 seconds to convince viewers to watch the rest
  • Insert an intro clip which includes images of your achievements, photos with famous people, you on stage. (From now always record yourself when you are in the position of power.)
  • Tell the viewer what you are going to say and what the viewer will get.
  • Tell viewer to subscribe before giving the content.
  • Give the viewer what they came here for.
  • Break the pattern occasionally to divert attention. (entertainment)
  • Keep the video 5 to 10 minutes long (this is not Facebook)
  • Use text and music to your advantage
  • End with a call to action. Ask the viewer a question, leave a comment, subscribe to your channel, click the link in the description, and watch your other videos.
  • Optionally, insert an outro clip. Not the same as the intro clip.

There’s more, which I will cover in the next posts.

What would you like to know about online video marketing?

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Adrian Lee


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30-day YouTube Profits Challenge Goal: Increase my YouTube earnings to $100 per month by Day 30 of the challenge, using the YouTube Profits Maximizer method.

I will be documenting my actions taken and the results achieved in this blog, based the Shiney Object Lemonade blogging system.

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