Make $100 per Month Goal | #1 of 30-day YouTube Profits Challenge

“Consciousness is our only reprieve from Time.” – Mason Cooley

One hour just passed. What did I do? Entertaining distractions on the internet.

(While checking out a notification from a Facebook group I belong to, I noted on the side a Sony FS5 User Group. Then I thought I could also set up a user group for Panasonic FZ2500. Has anyone setup that group yet? I checked. There is one, but it’s not a user group. So I created a group. Downloaded a picture of the FZ2500. Uploaded that picture to the new group. Then more…)

I will never get back that time. Better stay conscious of what I do. (How? Please comment.)

Today marks the first day of a new 30-day challenge.

I was thinking whether to call it the “30-day vlog challenge” or “30-day YouTube Profits Challenge”.

If I want to follow the Shiney Object Lemonade method, then it should be “30-day YouTube Profits Challenge”.

What’s the goal of the 30-day YouTube Profits Challenge?

  • Increase my YouTube earnings to $100 per month by Day 30 of the challenge.

It’s a small goal, but it’s the stepping stone to $2000 per month based on the YouTube Profits Maximizer method.

Let’s look at the DAY ONE status of my YouTube channels. $53 per month, 2396 subscribers

videolane youtube status 27 May 2017.png  $7 per month, 170 subscribers

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 11.45.56 AM.png not monetized yet, 252 subscribers

adrianvideoimage youtube 27 May 2017.png

One of the task to achieve the goal is to increase the number of subscribers.

Would you like to follow my YouTube Profits learning journey?

I will be documenting the method I apply and the results I get.

Please comment and subscribe.

Adrian Lee


The blog and vlog continue…

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30-day YouTube Profits Challenge Goal: Increase my YouTube earnings to $100 per month by Day 30 of the challenge, using the YouTube Profits Maximizer method.

I will be documenting my actions taken and the results achieved in this blog, based the Shiney Object Lemonade blogging system.

Update: Applied YouTube tagging trick on the top 3 videos in VL. Check the results later.

videolane youtube top 3 videos 27 Mat 2017.png

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