Xiaomi Mi A1 Review Part 1 – Unboxing the Gold Android One Smartphone

Which phone has dual camera, shoots 4K video and costs less than $300?

In this post, I unbox my new Android ONE phone that may eventually take over my iPhone.

Why did I buy the Mi A1?

For the very reasons I stated in the opening sentence.

– Dual Camera
– 4K Video Recording
– Costs less than $300

Unboxing it was a pleasure.


Never let the price deceive you.

Touching the device felt like my touching my premium iPhone.

Nothing cheap about it.

In the next post, I will show you what I mean.

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~ from the Journal of Adrian Lee | Singapore
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  • November 2017 Android One system update  Android One system update December 2017
  • December 2017 Android One system update December 2017 Android One system update 
  • Another December 2017 update Another December 2017 Android One System Update

Finally 31 December 2017 Update… ANDROID O

Android Oreo Update

Mi A1 Android O

Mi A1 Android O

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