Welcomed 2011 on the Highway [video]

Every new year’s eve I crack my brains to strategize a way to bring my kids to watch the fireworks without having to squeeze with the masses.

We know where the best places to view fireworks are, but we are not going to camp there in the hot afternoon just to secure a spot. Done that.

The new strategy… Watch fireworks while driving down ECP highway running over Marina Bay with precision timing. No stopping or overshooting.

So this is what happened last night…

1. Leave home 15 minutes before midnight.
2. Drive to east coast park highway slowly.
3. Entered ECP highway 10 minutes too early.
4. Parked on shoulder like 20 other cars.
5. 4 minutes before midnight, moved on.

Reached the perfect spot on time with a perfect view. Mission accomplished… Watch the video.

I am not the only one with this plan. Other vehicles around us were doing the exact same thing!

Listen to the highway party noise at the stroke of midnight. It’s the first time we welcomed the new year on the move.

Happy New Year and a prosperous 2011 to you !

Adrian Lee

The video is shot by My youngest 9 Year old kid using my iPhone 4. I edited the video with iPhone iMovie and uploaded to YouTube straight from the iPhone 4.

Happy 2011

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