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A shameless self promotion video about the talk I will be presenting tomorrow in front of a huge group of business owners.

I shot this video entirely with the iPhone 4. Not happy with the focussing though… could be better.

The video is pure interview with some of my fellow BNI Rendezvous members using a proper external microphone.

Transition scenes like the traffic light crossing and escalator was shot some time ago with the time-lapse camera app on the iPhone, Miniature.

Editing was done with Sony Vegas pro… Needed it for the quick cuts and sound effects syncing.

I will be playing this video as the opening to my talk. I hope the sound system at Ya Kun Orchard Central will be impactful for the selected music.

Feeling a little nervous right now as I will be speaking back to back right after the famous Tom Abbott, author of 21 Selling Strategies to Growing Your Business.

Ok… Got to go put in last minute touches to my slides.

Adrian Lee


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I am Adrian Lee from Sunny Singapore. My passions are in digital electronics, quantum physics, and exploring lifestyles. In this personal blog, I journal my thoughts and lessons. Enjoy!


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