What is a Marketing Funnel | Day 20 of 30-day Blogging Challenge

Funnels, the final frontier. This is the missing step in the process. I need funnels at the end. At least that’s what internet marketing gurus say. No matter how much website or social media traffic I have, I need funnels to generate more profits. What are funnels? Particularly marketing funnels… You undoubtedly want visitors on your website […]

Still My Best Vlogging Camera | Day 19 of 30-day Blogging Challenge

“Complexity creates a maze between you and success. Simplicity ensures a clear line of sight.” ―Lee J. Colan Slept like log after yesterday’s training challenge. It’s a weekend! Time to clear the clutter. Then get ready for the next challenge. What’s the next challenge? A wedding shoot – which I haven’t done for years An L.A. shoot […]

I’m EXCITED – VLOG 170512 | Day 18 of 30-day Blogging Challenge

“The colour pink makes everything look pretty.” Agree? Pink actually calms my stress preparing for the workshop in the afternoon. Stress and excitement are actually the same things from a different perspective. So I am… Feeling EXCITED… 30 pax… 5 modules.. 4 hours… 3 stages… 2 trainers… 1 videography workshop to conduct. Here’s the VLOG… […]