The Copy Paste Income I Need to Survive Monday Morning

Guarding myself against the anxiety of jobless days with this money making guide. Monday morning is the time to think and plan. Arranging the calendar and checking emails… then… a shiny object shimmered! I stumbled upon Ewen Chia’s new 2016 Copy Paste Income system. It promises, Online income without a website Make $3000 in one weekend […]

The One Traffic Source Better Than Google and Facebook

That statement got me distracted for 2 solid hours. Shiny object alert! This afternoon, I received an email from Stuart Walker that enticed me into reading and digesting this information. Here are my notes and thoughts… One traffic source better than Google, Facebook and Paid Ads. Why Better? You are in control. The rest can […]

How to Prepare for a 2-day Videography Training Stint

Sample the anxiety I go through during this period. Well, tomorrow is the day. The start of another 2 days of teaching. How do I feel? It’s like studying for my school exams all over… and this is for real. For real? I will be bombarded with questions tomorrow and my answers have to be […]

3 Moves That Will Earn You More Simoleons Fast in SimCity Buildit

Spend less and make real money with these classic game strategies. Yes, I play games on my iPhone too! especially when I feel stressed. What am I stressed with? Preparing this weekend’s training. …anyway… back to the game. Until this morning, I discovered 3 ways to earn game coins faster on SimCity Buildit. Manufacture and […]

Amazon in Singapore – Good News or Bad News

Amazon expanding into S’pore early 2017: TechCrunch  This is good news… for both shoppers and affiliate marketers! …I am both. I can’t wait for it to happen. Now, what will happen to Qoo10 and Lazada? On a related news today, Lazada buys Redmart for an undisclosed sum! Things are getting exciting in Singapore’s online arena. […]