Buying a Table Top Camera Dolly Slider from Qoo10

I need a camera slider for a product video shoot. I need the slider to be portable and affordable. The Edelkrone is perfectly mobile but expensive. I will get Edelkrone one day, but for now, I will settle with a table top dolly slider. Watch the unboxing here… Adrian Lee

How to Increase YouTube Views | #4 of 30-day YouTube Profits Challenge

“A cannon fires only once but words detonate across centuries” – Grant Morrison The same thing can be said about my vlog yesterday. Instead of having the whole day’s event edited into one vlog, break it up into smaller more useful chunks, so as to increase the chances of my content rising up across search engines. So that’s […]

Growing Your YouTube Channel | #3 of 30-day YouTube Profits Challenge

“You must radiate success before it’ll come to you” – Earl Nightingale I checked my YouTube stats this morning. Some videos are becoming popular and rising to the top. They are vlogs about the latest smartphone stabiliser and a trending streaming software. This is where we take advantage and grow our YouTube channel. Radiate from […]