The Last Look at My Mini Green Studio


This is the final day of its existence.

I will be ripping and tearing it down in a short while.

It had been the backdrop of many influential personalities, like the former beauty queen of Singapore, the number one super affiliate and others.

Oh, don’t be sad…

It will be resurrected immediately, as in tomorrow afternoon, as a mobile version.

Yes! A mobile green screen studio. Have screen will travel!

So off I go now… “Rip and Tear” (double meaning this rip and tear is… Go figure)

Adrian Lee



Testing WordPress iPhone App Quick Photo Post


Photo taken directly with the WordPress App after lunch.

These texts were written the second time because I unintentionally clicked cancel while testing if I can place another photo in the same post.

I appears I can only place one photo in Quick Photo Post mode.

After I click Publish, I am going to examine how it looks like on my blog.

Here goes… “click”

Adrian Lee



4th Day of Video Shoot Without a Car

Taking the public bus was not a hassle. Google Map app is a friend!

The equipment I carried was the burden.

So every night for the past 3 nights, I repacked my gear based on the requirement of the day.

I made sure I travelled light, yet have everything including backups.

Today, it’s only a haversack and a black soft bag to carry the camera with one hand.

Unlike driving, there was a lot of waiting …a good excuse to blog.

Had to transfer by a shuttle bus to the hotel in Sentosa from Vivocity.

Though it’s a 5-star hotel that provided free mini-bus in and out of the island, I had to sit on the steps of the shopping mall to wait (see image).


Complains aside, I enjoyed moving around like most locals do. It felt like traveling as …a tourist …a foreigner …an explorer. Anyway, I have been walking overseas pulling a luggage full of videography hardware.

One thing I wished to change (other than getting that new car) was to have a smaller video camera and and a lighter video editing laptop.

Adrian Lee



Attending Phoebe’s Rhythmic Gym Competition Rehearsal

I might not be able to attend Phoebe’s R Gym inter-school competition next Wednesday due to work, but I am happy to have attended the rehearsal.

Held at Guillamard Village GymKraft, next to G.SPA, I thought the venue was expensive. I had to pay $60 supposedly to use the place for 3 hours.

There was a rock climbing facility next to it, with many people queuing for their turn.

Took bus number 197. I helped to carry the big hoop, which knocked into other passengers several times.

It was raining heavily upon arrival. Without an umbrella, we waited for the rain to ebb a little before dashing into the hall.

Here’s a picture of the hall.


Phoebe competed every year for the past 5 years. This year, she will be competing in hoops and clubs.

Here’s a video of her clubs routine during rehearsal.

All the best to your competition, Phoebe!

Adrian Lee
Proud Father



Friday Food Frenzy is Gong Gong

Today’s food adventure with Stella was at the freshly renovated Changi Village. Very airy.


Stella’s favorite stores were either not there anymore or moved to another spot.

So we settled for what we guessed were the favorite stores.

There was the Hokkien Prawn Noodle.

Then there was the mutton cheese Roti John.

I saw other people pushing sticks into shells and pulling out mouth-watering pieces. The Gong Gong.

Ordered one plate. S$10 for 20 shells. Steamed in tinfoil.

Very hard to extract the meat at first. Soon I mastered the skill.

Chewy and springy, it felt good to bite.

The Gong Gong made my day.

After dinner, we walked to a nearby pub restaurant. Ordered one Erdinger beer and enjoyed the Friday atmosphere till midnight.





Adrian Lee


Applying for HDB Home Office Scheme License

Applying for HDB Home Office Scheme License


– I want to use my hdb home address for business.
– I want to use my hdb home as a home office.


– Home Office Scheme.
– Home Based Small Scale Business Scheme.


– The address can be used for business registration.
– Must install one 2-kg ABC Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher to the office area.
– Must install one single-station smoke detector in the office area.
– Allows a maximum of 2 non-residents staff.
– Owner-occupied concessionary property tax rate continues to apply.
– All business income earned are subject to income tax.


– An administration fee of $20 is required.
– The approval granted is valid for 5 years.
– HDB will send the renewal notification.


– No employment of staff.
– Address cannot be used for business registration.
– No approval is needed.

This is not what I want. I want the address.


– Go to e-application Online Business Licensing Service (OBLS).


– Get ready SingPass and Credit Card.
– Can be submitted before or after business registration with ACRA.



– Print out the Application Status “Approved with Payment” and proceed to register/update business registration address at ACRA website .
– Advertise products and services on HBiz website. (Interesting!)



– Copied and Pasted link to the Online Business Licensing Service (OBLS).
– Selected Director/Business Owner.
– – Selected license:
Industries / Business Activities > Services > Theatrical, Video and Filming Services > Video filming and recording services >
– Entered business UEN.
(Found the Unique Entity Number, UEN, here…


– Entered SingPass.
– Filled a form for general information and particulars.
– Filled a form for Home Office Scheme (HDB).
– Checked declaration boxes.
– Paid S$20 with Visa.
– Downloaded a PDF Receipt.
– Received email confirming the application “Approved with Payment”.


– I can now run my small Videography business at home.
– The main activity will be Video Editing on a laptop.
– Meeting clients and video filming will be outside.

Adrian Lee



Next up:
– Apply for CPF Employer account.
– Apply for corporate bank account.
– Update business registration address at ACRA website.
– Advertise products and services on HBiz website.


– Install one 2-kg ABC Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher to the office area.
– Install one single-station smoke detector in the office area.

Applying for HDB Home Office Scheme License

Password Protect a Directory in a Hostgator Website

Password Protect a Directory in a Hostgator Website

I found another way to deliver huge video files over the Internet privately and in high definition… using my Hostgator website.

Password Protect a Directory in a Hostgator Website

I needed to send the raw video footage of last weekend’s shoot to the client quickly.

I wanted to send the video in high definition without compressing to smaller file size. I wanted to maintain privacy without going though a third party service. I wanted speed.

So I decided to use my Hostgator website to deliver the goods.

Why Hostgator website? I have other web hosting providers, but they restrict uploading speeds. Uploading videos to Hostgator website is as fast as uploading to YouTube. Uploading files to other web hosts, like Bluehost, Godaddy and Yahoo Business Web, are as slow as Vimeo.


– Login into your Hosgator cPanel and click on the Subdomain icon, found under Domains.

– Create a Subdomain. If you are running WordPress on the main domain, you must create a Subdomain, otherwise password protection will not work.

– Create a directory in the Subdomain. Use the same subdomain for other clients and projects by creating more directories.

– Go back into your cPanel and click on the Password Protect Directories icon, found under Security.

– Choose Document Root and select your Subdomain. Click Go button below.

– Click on the directory you created.

– Check the box for “Password protect this directory:” Click on Save button below.

– Click “Go Back”.

– Fill in a Username and Password at the bottom of the page, and click “Add/modify authorized user”.

– The directory is now protected by password.

– Upload video files to the directory with Filezilla, an FTP program. Uploading using an FTP program is faster and allows bigger file size instead of using the web host Uploader.

Adrian Lee

One of the quickest way to send huge files is using DropBox. You get 2GB of space but individual file size limit is 300MB, though you can upload bigger files by downloading and using their app on your desktop or mobile device. No username and password required by client on the other end to receive the goods. Security? Breach can only happen among sharers. I will get extra free space if you sign up with DropBox. Would you like to help me get more space by clicking here to sign up with DropBox? Thanks! :)

Unboxing the iPad Mini Stop Motion Video

Unboxing the iPad Mini Stop Motion Video

Stella brought home the new company iPad mini and I had the honor to film the unboxing… actually re-unboxing.

Filmed with iMotion HD app on iPhone 4 in the living room.

Adrian Lee


Want to discover iPad secrets and how to unlock little known features? You need to see this…


google keyword tool - videography course

Videography Course vs How to Make Video on Google Keyword Tool

google keyword tool - videography course

A quick research on Google Keyword Tool revealed the truth.

I must rephrase my Basic Videography Course sales page in order to get more hits.

Here is what I discovered…
(“Keyword” Global searhes – Singapore searches)

. “videography course” 390 – 28

Only 28 searches in Singapore a month!
(some are my own to check that my page is searchable)
No wonder I am not getting enough enquiries.

Then I saw this right below “videography course”

. “photography course” 49,500 – 1,300

What a huge difference!
I will consider teaching photography instead.

For now, let me stick with my expertise.
Are people searching for “video editing course”?

. “video editing course” 1,900 – 58
. “video editing courses” 1,600 – 22
. “video editing services” 1,600 – 28

The numbers look good for global search but not for local search.
So maybe I should start a course for the world and forget teaching in Singapore.

What about “video production course”?

. “video production course” 480 – 16

Just as pathetic as “videography course”

Now try “how to make videos”.

. “how to make videos” 22,200 – 170
. “how to make video” 49,500 – 720

The data looks better now, especially for global.

Let’s go deeper.

. “how to edit videos” 18,100 – 170
. “how to edit video” 12,100 – 260

A little more promising.

Go even deeper.

. “how to edit videos on youtube” 1,000
. “how to use adobe premiere” 2,400
. “how to use sony vegas” 2,900
. “how to use windows movie maker” 6,600
. “how to edit videos on windows movie maker” 210

I left out Singapore searches because the figure is just too minute.
I am beginning to see where my market is. Not here but out there.

It looks like people are searching more for a product name rather than what they want to solve or learn.

Let’s see the data for product names.

. “adobe premiere” 1,830,000 – 6,600
. “adobe premiere pro” 550,000 – 2,900
. “adobe premiere pro cs6″ 90,500 – 480
. “adobe premiere elements” 201,000 – 720

. “sony vegas” 3,350,000 – 8,100
. “sony vegas pro” 1,220,000 – 2,900
. “sony vegas pro 11″ 450,000 – 1,000
. “sony vegas pro 12″ 49,500 – 170

. “final cut” 1,830,000 – 8,100
. “final cut pro” 1,220,000 – 6,600
. “final cut pro 7″ 110,000 – 590

BINGO! I think I found my market if what I am thinking is right.

I read somewhere that 300 searches means the market is viable for business.

I also searched for “how to record video”, “how to take video” and “how to shoot video”. They were not at all interesting, so I did not present the figures here.


Based only on these numbers, here’s what I can do better:
1. Create online courses for the world instead of teaching locally.
2. Focus the course on teaching using specific products like Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas and Final Cut.
3. Start by giving free lessons online.

Adrian Lee

Striving in Sunny Singapore