Make Social Graphics for Free | Adobe Make It Local

Make it fast. Make it personal. It’s all about delivering new user experience. That’s what I learned from attending today’s Adobe’s Make It Local event at Raffles City. Here are some quick notes I took. New in Website design. XD. Muse. Project Felix – Create 3D object on 2D image. New in Premiere. Audio tool. […]

How to Change Facebook Link Description or Thumbnail

When Facebook link shows the incorrect description

Not sure why your Facebook link is showing the wrong description or image of your blog post? And no matter how many times you repost, it’s still the same. This peculiar result happened when I shared my latest blog post on Facebook. Instead of showing the blog title, it showed an error message. I found […]

What is plogging? How to plog? Show me your plog?

What is a plog

Spice up your blog posts with Plogs. Today is Sunday 10 September 2017. I woke up and looked at my first plog I did last night. It got a lot of views from Facebook where I mentioned the “plog”. I also got a lot of questions… What is plogging? How to plog? Show me your plog? […]

COMEX 2017

COMEX 2017 Brochures and Price Lists! That’s what I gathered from the IT Fair at Suntec Singapore yesterday.  The computer show starts on 31 August 2017 and ends on 3 September 2017. I am returning on the last day to make my purchase. I may get a XiaoMi Max 2 (deal price at S$369) for […]