Creating the Perfect Post for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Creating the Perfect Post for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

I wanted to know how some people get so many likes and comments on their Facebook Pages.

So I found the 2 very useful resource, which I am posting here for myself to refer whenever I make a new post.

First a video about setting up a Facebook page and how to get 1000 likes quickly.

Second, the blueprints for the perfect social media posts, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and Blog.

[slideshare id=13960518&doc=theperfetpostseriesv1-120813141042-phpapp02&type=d]

Bookmark this page for your future reference. These are actionable steps.

What worked for you?

Adrian Lee

Unboxing My New Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Tablet Ultrabook

Unboxing My New Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Convertible UltrabookTablet

It’s here at last! A tablet with the power of a full working PC. I skipped the iPads and the Androids just for this. The Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Convertible Ultrabook/Tablet. Runs on Windows 8 Pro, powered by Intel i7 and fitted with 256 GB SSD. Watch Part 1: The Unboxing and Taking a Close Look.

I got it from the PC SHOW at the Singapore Expo. Rather pricey, but I could not resist. Touch-screen is what I want even before tablets existed.

Part 2 coming soon as I play with my new tool over the weekend.

Adrian Lee

Seminar and Web Video

Event Videography and Web Video Production

Seminar and Web Video

Reinstated 2 web pages about my services.
They were hidden during the transition.
The transition to working from home.

The 2 services are:

1. Seminar & Event Videography
Professional video recording of your presentations. Record seminars and conferences for distribution on the web.

2. Web Video Production
Let Me Help Your Business Record, Edit & Share Videos Online to Engage Customers with YouTube, Facebook and Social Media.

3 BIG change from previous services

1. Videos are now delivered on the WEB instantly instead of dispatching discs.
2. The company name is now VIDEOLANE.COM LLP instead of VideoLane Pte Ltd.
3. I render my services personally instead of delegating to staff.

Adrian Lee


Why Are Flats Called Flats


It all started with the thought that I am going to leave my FLATTED factory office to work from home in my HDB FLAT.

Then I wondered why they use the word FLAT for the 2 types of buildings when they do not look one bit FLAT! As in squashed flat FLAT!

I googled Google and found a Yahoo Answer answer.

The British use the word FLAT while the Americans use APARTMENT.

They call it FLAT because in each home, there is no upstairs and downstairs. Every room in the house is on one FLAT level.

Is that true?

Then why don’t we call condos flats?

Adrian Lee


The Wedding Videographer Resurfaced for a Brief Moment


Nostalgic! It’s been 5 years since I last shot and edited a wedding video.

These days I turn down requests, but this offer I could not refuse… A wedding in Phuket Thailand!

Furthermore, it’s a request from a corporate client who trusted my work and willing to pay the right price.

Anyway, it’s the wedding of the client’s own daughter and they being professional PR and event organizers, the weekend party was a memorable experience.

I was glad my skills were still intact… catching the right moment at the right time intuitively and editing a highlight masterpiece with express speed.

So, will I come back to the wedding scene?

Only if the location and offer is attractive.

Adrian Lee


Clearing Clutter is Emotional but Joyful


Day two of moving out sale.

I realised that it was not only physically exhausting, but also emotionally draining.

On the one hand, i was sad to see the items that had been with me for years go into somebody else’s hands.

On the other, I was happy that the items were given a second lease of life instead of meeting the dump.

So in day 2 of the office moving out sale, I could see more walking space as things move out rapidly.

To get over my emotional drain… Breathe…

Adrian Lee