Lenovo Yoga 520 Review Part 2: Testing

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This 2-in-1 convertible laptop can do 360-degree yoga, but can it perform heavy duty tasks?

This is part 2 of my review of the Lenovo Yoga 520 i7 2-in-1 laptop.

About 3 hours was spent setting up and testing various features.

1. Setting up with Cortana

Cortana is the Siri for Windows. The AI voice guided me through the installation of Windows 10. All I have to do is say yes or no, and sometimes touch the screen. The setup was a breeze.

2. Testing Audio Speakers

The speakers were maxed out to 100% and I am happy with the volume I am hearing. It’s good enough for a one to one presentation. By the way, the audio is by Harmon.

3. Testing Trackpad Sensitivity

I have been using the MacBook Pro for a long time and have not experienced any Windows laptop with better trackpad sensitivity. However, this one performed really well.

4. Testing Multi-touch Gesture

I am used to trackpad gestures for controlling and selecting applications on my Mac. It works almost the same on this baby, especially with the 4-finger swipe up to see all your open applications.

5. Storage and Software

There is 1 TB of Hard Disk Drive storage and this brand new laptop used up only less than 20 GB, including some Lenovo utilities and also an XBOX app.

6. Installing the First Software

Now it’s time to install my software. The first one being VideoPad video editing software followed by OBS live streaming software. Finally, of course, Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

7. Testing Screen and Microphone Recording

Using OBS, I tested screen recording with voice. The audio is not perfect, but good enough without using an external microphone. Listen for yourself from the video and let me know your thoughts.

There are more tests to go, stay tuned. Like and subscribe for the next part of my review.

In the previous review, I went through the specifications of the Lenovo Yoga 520.

In the next review, I will give my verdict after more vigorous tests.

What would you like me to test?

Please comment.

Coming up next… Gaming

Can the Lenovo Yoga 5210 handle gaming?

What about GTA (Grand Theft Auto)? Never played it before.

I am willing to try. But how to play GTA?

  • best way to play is to hook up with other players
  • if playing solo, then load the story mode and select “invite only”
  • an online game where you actually play with up to 29 people
  • roam around an open world and try not to get killed
  • grab a car and drive, but some are booby-trapped

Recommended system requirement:

Windows 10 64 Bit,
Windows 8.1 64 Bit,
Windows 8 64 Bit,
Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1
Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHz
AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHz
Video Card
AMD HD 7870 2GB
Sound Card
100% DirectX 10 compatible

Ok, the Lenovo Yoga 520 meets the requirement.

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