Hostinger Web Hosting Review from Singapore – Part 1: Getting Started

Which web hosting service is reliable, fast, and cheap?

I am still looking for a web host to escape the blues.

Here’s a contender that may meet my needs… Hostinger.

Cheap Web Hosting

Hostinger web hosting starts from $2.15 per month.

Well, they call it “Cheap Web Hosting” on the homepage.

Hostinger Cheap and Fast Web Hosting

It claims to be fast and high quality too. Every company says that till you try it out yourself.

Anyway, there is a 30-day day trial period which you can cancel anytime.

Hostinger Pricing Plans

They have 3 plans to choose from.

Hostinger Web Hosting Pricing Plans

The $2.15 per month plan is for 1 website only and storage is limited to just 10 GB.

I need something more “unlimited” so it won’t be restrictive when it comes to uploading multiple files.

Between the Premium plan and the Business plan, Premium is good enough. It also happens to be the best seller.

Premium Web Hosting

The Premium Web Hosting plan is more enough for my needs and it’s now $3.49 per month (usual $8.84 per month).

Hostinger Premium Web Hosting Plan

In order to get the Premium Web Hosting plan at $3.49 per month, we have to sign up for at least 48 months. That brings the total upfront investment to $167.52 (sounds like a good deal for 4 years of web hosting).

Additional SSL Certificate

Next, there is a checkbox to select SSL certificate for an additional $9.99.

Hostinger SSL Certificate



So what’s an SSL certificate anyway? It’s a website security protection that also boosts SEO and visitors’ trust.

Free Domain Registration

Then it says we are eligible for a free domain.

Hostinger Free Domain

This is not a surprise because every web hosting service I signed up with come with a free domain.

Time to think of a domain name… tick tock tick tock… 30 minutes passed…

The names I want are not available… let’s register a domain name later.

Ordering Checkout Process

Let’s check out now and see what happens.

Hostinger Order Checkout


There are 3 payment methods. Credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin. I will choose the credit card method.

Next, I will start building a WordPress website step by step inside Hostinger.


Adrian Lee

PS: I will journal my experience with Hostinger here.

  • Hostinger International Ltd is a Cyprus private limited company.






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