3 Favorite TED Talks this Week

After a sleepless grueling week, the 5-day conference video highlight production is finally completed and presented.

Though the project is over, my mind is endlessly playing back the agonizing moments of rushing out work while maintaining a calm front.

Looking for ways to wind down and get back to normal routine, I turned to my favorite channel, TED Talks, for inspiration.

(By the way, during the conference, I had an exciting brief conversation with a speaker, Mia Bloom, who spoke at TED Talks before.)

So here are my latest 3 favorite TED Talks.

1. Abigail Washburn: Building US-China relations … by banjo

Held back my tears when Abigail mentioned about a little Chinese girl who asked to sing a song which her mother sang to her before being swallowed by a recent earthquake.

2. Frans de Waal: Moral behavior in animals

It is amazing to see two monkeys and two elephants cooperate to get food. Also watch how another monkey reacted to unfair treatment when given cucumber while the other got grape (the Wall Street Occupation parallel).

3. Frank Warren: Half a million secrets

This guy collects secrets then publishes them in a book and on the web. The best part is knowing there is another guy who collects lost cameras and posts the pictures found in the camera on the web for the owners to claim.

Ok, I am inspired now. Getting back on my feet to start working on my own projects.

Adrian Lee

What’s your favorite TED Talk this week?

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