Day 14Nov2015 – Sudoku, Zenify, Paris Attacks

  1. Started the day checking online sales from bed. Yay! Sold 3 items while I was sleeping. image
  2. It’s 26 degrees this morning and the Star Wars App says it feels like Endor, the Ewok’s planet.    image
  3. STELLA got me hooked on Sudoku. Together,  we solve puzzles printed on Today Paper.  Being an IT person, paper wasn’t good enough for me. So I found an online version… WebSudokuimage
  4. Here’s one my assignment today from Zenify. I use Zenify to remind myself to be mindful of my thoughts and feelings, aka be present…  image
  5. This is the way all furniture should be designed… Multi-function and good looking.
  6. I love working on the iPad with its user-friendly UI. However I am not getting the iPad Pro until it can do everything that my Windows 10 tablet can do.
  7. Blogging Business Model. Today’s lunch time video is learning new ways to make money blogging.  image

    Tools Needed: Facebook, LeadPages, Aweber, Aweber Pro ToolsKalatu

  8. Trouble: WordPress Youtube URL not working in lists (see above). It works when the URL is outside the list. Help! Discovered the solution. Enclose the URL with Embed shortcode.  Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 1.41.00 pmTroublesome, but that’s the easiest method for now.
  9. Paris attacks: Singapore condemns strikes, PM Lee says it is ‘attack on our shared humanity’ “Singaporeans residing in and travelling to Paris are advised to stay indoors, monitor local news, and heed the instructions of the local authorities, MFA said.”
  10. Wholesale Consumer Electronics Show @ Suntec Singapore 2015 – Uploaded a new flyer and updated promotion deals at Computer and IT Exhibitions in Singapore.
  11. Gulliver’s Travels with Jack Black.  Watched it on TV and had a great laugh. I think the segment on the giant girl’s island was a bit too short though… was anticipating some giant trouble.
  12. Entertainment Trivia.  Super Girl’s day job boss is Ally McBeal who is the current wife of Han Solo.


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