Solving Canon Pixma Printer Error 5B00


Upon turning on my Canon PIXMA iP4870, the printer remained silent (no sound of the print head motor moving) while the POWER button light and the RESET button light blink alternately forever.  The computer screen shows “Printer Error 5B00”.

Solving the problem:

Found the first tip from this video, but it’s for iP2770…

  • Followed the steps
    1. Turn off the printer.
    2. Press and hold RESET button.
    3. Press and hold POWER button.
    4. Release RESET button, while still holding POWER button.
    5. Press and release RESET button 5 times.
    6. Release POWER button.
    7. Let the printer power up as usual.
  • The printer still cannot work.

Then I found this for iP4800… which did not work in 2 RESET button presses as instructed…

Did the 5 press method again, but this time, we need the resetter software or Canon ServiceTool.exe.

Where to download?

While searching for the software, I found a video that pointed out there may be a problem running the ServiceTool  and here’s the solution…

Once again, where to download ServiceTool?

Found this (don’t try it!) which led to this then this

OK taking a risk to download now.

Chrome browser shut down after pressing download button.  Don’t use it! Move along.


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