Breathe Rhythmically Evenly Through the Heart Everyday

The acronym for this post title is B.R.E.A.T.H.E. – The scientific secret to getting into the “zone” with proper breathing.

This is powerful! I finally understood why breathing deep helped shaped my feeling… and environment… and circumstance… and bending time…

Some new things I learnt that relate to what I know from another angle.

  • Feelings (the awareness, and interpretation of the emotion)
  • Emotion (it’s ENERGY, the outcome from the raw data)
  • Physiology (the raw data, physical signals in our body)

That’s why we are trained to breathe in Yoga, Qigong and meditation.

However, there’s something different.

  • Instead of breathing into the belly or dantian, breathe into the centre of our lungs.

The video did not end of with the second step of getting into the zone, which is, controlling your emotion.

I will hunt for that emotional control teaching, but I think this one comes close.

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Next Action Step: Breathe Rhythmically Evenly Through the Heart Everyday

Tried it?

Let me know your results.

Adrian Lee

PS: Anyone knows an app to measure the heartbeat pattern like in the video?

PPS: Tou must watch and try this!  I did, and something happened. I felt the strong tingling sensation, that I felt before but I brushed off thinking it was me going to pass out. The Wim Hof Breathing method…


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