3 Things You Need to Succeed in Online Business | Day #1 of Make $100 Daily Challenge

Here’s the goal I set for myself in 2017: Make $100 Daily Online.

It is extra income, for now, which will overtake my main business revenue one day.

I have attended classes and bought many shiny objects on making money online.

This year, I have more time in my hands to implement the strategies diligently.

I will journal and share my actions, results, and lessons learned along the way.

First Lesson

The first lesson is this. There are 3 things that all successful online businesses have.

  • Website
  • Email List
  • Traffic

I already have many websites. I just need to increase the size of my email list and traffic.

There are different strategies that I have picked up and I cannot implement all at once.

So I have decided to follow one that matches my current capability and cost zero dollars.

This method requires me to invest just 30 minutes a day on a blog to make it profitable.

In the next post, I will share all the steps I have taken, and the results, if any.

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Adrian Lee
Work at Home Dad

PS: Look out for Day #2 of the Make $100 Daily Challenge

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