We Celebrate Our 21st Anniversary at Social Square

How the right table and the right dish make a perfect romantic dinner.

Every year, we randomly pick a restaurant we have not been. This anniversary, it’s Social Square at Waterway Point.

How did we pick it? A large poster at the entrance says the second main course is 50% off (which we did not get at the end).

Like our other anniversary dinners, we were lucky again to be given a quiet (away from the bustling mall crowd) window seat with a view.

Social Square serves Japanese and Western cuisines. The menus were huge. So many items to choose. Took a while to decide.

We selected John Dees Ribeye and Premium Pork Ribs. Drinks were Iced Matcha with matching Matcha ice cream and Hot Azuka (red bean) with caramel.

Was it good? Very expensive (see photos), but is it worth the price?

The Pork Ribs arrived first, and we sure enjoyed it. Every bit of it. So tender. So flavorful.

Then the Angus beef arrived. At first, the medium well beef tasted flat, especially after having the tasty pork ribs first. However, it tasted better towards the end after adding the seasoning.

When the plates were emptied, we sat for a while, engaged in a husband-wife chit-chat.

We discussed the other restaurants we tried, The French Table and Zakka Modern Thai. They were just as good, both at Waterway Point too

Bill please! That will be a hundred dollars and eighty-nine cents.

That will be a hundred dollars and eighty-nine cents.

Excuse me, where’s the 50% discount for the second dish?

Oh, it’s only for lunchtime.

I see. I didn’t see the fine print.

Anyway, the splendid experience was worth the price for a wedding anniversary of 21 years.

Adrian Lee



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