Growing YouTube and DJI Spark | #29 of 30-day Blogging Challenge

Combine two trending elements and grow your subscribers.

Today I woke up feeling better after recovering from a slight fever.

Took a flu tablet and a Panadol before I slept last night.

Anyway, here’s one way to grow your YouTube channel.

  • Find a trending comment in a trending video
  • Copy the comment
  • Modify and paste the comment in another trending video

The idea is to be seen. The more people see your comment, the more likely someone will click on your profile picture, which leads to more channel visitors and hence maybe more subscribers.

So the more popular your comment is with a trending video, the more exposure you will get,

Compile all the viral comments you have found and save them in a swipe file for future reference.

Make an Impression!

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Are you leaving comments to be seen?

Comment below.

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Previously, it’s about accelerating success.

To be continued… how to survive a 30-day blogging challenge.



This blogging challenge is inspired by the Shiney Object Lemonade – a system that could make you $100 per day with your blog.


Check out the exact YouTube video marketing system that helps many YouTubers earn over $10,000 a month every month.

DJI announces a new drone for everyone. Cheaper, smaller and easier to fly. Another name is the Selfie Drone.

  • What’re the specs?
  • How much?
  • What is the range?
  • How long can it fly?
  • How long to charge?
  • How’s the camera?
  • How does it compare with the DJI Mavic Pro?

Let’s take a look at it together.

Note to self:

How to make a successful kickstarter video?

Gathering notes from this article…

  • According to Kickstarter “projects with videos succeed at a much higher rate than those without (50% vs. 30%)” and they’re “by far the best way to get a feel for the emotions, motivations, and character of a project”.
  • Be yourself – People want to see you, hear your passion, and get excited with you.
  • Keep it snappy – You have less than 10 seconds to hook the viewer and convince them that your video is worth finishing and your project is worth investing in.
  • Cover the basics – According to Kickstarter, every video should cover these 6 essential topics:
    • Introduce yourself.

    • Tell the story behind your project.

    • Come out and ask for people’s support, explaining why you need it and what you’ll do with their money.

    • Talk about how awesome your rewards are, using any images you can.

    • Explain that if you don’t reach your goal, you’ll get nothing, and everyone will be sad.

    • Thank everyone!

  • Keep it Legal – Beware of violating copyright law. This includes copyrighted music, logos (the Apple logo on your MacBook is included), images, and video. Check out royalty-free content here: TuneFruit, iStockPhoto, SoundCloud, Vimeo Music Store, Free Music Archive, and ccMixter.
  • Close the sale –  During the final minute of the Video, list the available rewards, accompanied with a high-quality photo each. Cap it off with a very specific call to action, inviting viewers to click the button and back your project.

This sounds like the old way of making a kickstarter video.

Let’s check out the Kickstarter reference given above.

  • It looks like video is compulsory now.
  • Keep it 2-3 minutes. Attention span is low.
  • Focus on audio quality. Make sure where you’re shooting isn’t riddled with background noises.
  • Find the line between informational/inspirational.
  • How to DIY your own Kickstarter video…

Let’s check out Quora.

The following structure might be helpful to you to design a successful Kickstarter video:

  • Introduction: This is brief, just a few words.
  • Problem: Discuss (briefly!) what problem you are trying to solve, and why your contemporaries haven’t managed it yet.
  • Solution: This is the part where you talk about your motivation — and a little about your product. Viewers want to know why you decided to solve the problem and how your solution will help them (people might like people, but they also like products that make life easier).
  • Team: Introduce your team. They should come across as capable and professional, people you’d trust with your hard earned cash.
  • Technology: How are you going to solve your problem and what technology are you going to use? Remember what I said about honesty? Yep, well this is the part where you make your plans transparent, just not too techy.
  • Outcomes: Now you can really talk about your product! Introduce backers to the final design.
  • Call to Action: Don’t let your crowdfunding video fizzle out. Capitalize on all the interest you’ve built up during your video and end on a call to action — something that encourages potential backers to act straight away.

Things to do: FIND trending YT comments on trending videos. swipe the comment. use the comment on other trending videos.

Youtube TIP: Whatever Video you have that has the most views on your Channel, make a Sequel of that, Keep milking what’s working, move with the FLOW… – Keder

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