Best Time to Stream on YouTube | #25 of 30-day Blogging Challenge

What is the BEST time to live stream on YouTube?

While reviving a YouTube channel, I discovered the WORST time to go live.

Best time to live stream on YouTube.png

Yesterday afternoon, I went live several times.

It’s not because I have many things to say.

I had to restart because the bandwidth suddenly dropped.

The videos nearly became a farce (comedy) before I titled them as Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Watch them all in yesterday’s post.

(By the way, the live recordings are not presentations. They are boring raw videos of me behind-the-scene, in my bedroom workstation, shooting the next video content, which will be edited and uploaded on my other channel. See below)

What went wrong? What did I use to go live?

The final item on the list is the culprit.

I am operating from my home… and yes my mother-in-law is watching movies on the iPad all day long, but that did not affect my morning and early afternoon transmissions.

It is the dreaded time… around 5 pm.

Update: It happened this morning too. YouTube stopped transmission. MIL not watching iPad. Something else is happening. Must investigate further.

YouTube will suddenly stop and tell me my bandwidth has dropped below the operating level.

Do you know of any solution to prevent the drop in bandwidth during peak hour?

Comment below.

Adrian Lee


Join me as I update this post live…

Tomorrow, it’s about where to find free music for videos.

Yesterday, it’s about wasting time on FB…


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The blog continues…

This could be my next topic…

Content marketing vs paid ads. This is what I am doing. I don’t have a big budget to do paid ads, hence content marketing is the way to go.

Update: It happened this morning too. YouTube Live stopped transmission. MIL not watching iPad. Something else is happening. I must investigate further.

Watching and learning about marketing funnels…

  • Identify who you want to serve first. Not think about your product first.
  • Go to where your customers are.
  • People want results. People don’t want your product.
  • Get results for someone before selling. It will then sell itself from the testimonial. Don’t sell first.
  • Watch around 29:00 about how to record effective testimonial videos.
  • Model other successful businesses. Don’t be the pioneer.
  • Model after a competitor’s funnel structure and product structure.

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