YouTube Millionaires and How to Become One

Skip the celebrities and who are the ordinary people that became millionaires by posting videos on YouTube?

Most of them started out just sharing what they do every day.  See if you can do the same to succeed on the busiest video site on earth.

  • Pewdiepie | $12 million | Playing computer games | If you like playing computer games, record it, post it to YouTube, then wait for the money to come.
  • Fun Toys Collector | $8 million | Toy unboxing | No face | A great example for those who want to make a million on youtube without showing their face.
  • Smosh | $6 million | Comedy | Talent required.
  • JennaMarbles | $4.3 million | General entertainment | Talent required. and how to
  • Ray William Johnson | $4 million | Commentary on viral videos and entertainment | Require talent.
  • UberHaxorNova | $3.5 million | Gaming | Another millionaire  who became one by recording himself playing computer games and talking vulgarity – not healthy for little kids.
  • CaptainSparklez | $3.2 million | Playing Minecraft | You see the trend? Very easy to be rich… just play games! What are you waiting for? No talent required. No need to show face.
  • EvanTubeHD | $1.9 million | Play with toys | 9 years old (maybe older now) | Never too late to start. What have you been doing when you were a kid? Playing toys? Did you make a million?p
  • Shaytards | $50 million | Family Videos | Just video what you and your family do every day. No special ability required.
  • Kan and Aki | $1.65 million | Playing with toys, making jewelry  and eating candy | Japanese kids | So you don’t need to be an American or even speak English to succeed. Maybe you need to be adorable, though.

There are plenty more YouTube millionaires, but I just want to focus on ordinary people. People without special talents. Normal people that do things the rest of us can also do.

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