WordPress Anthologize Plugin – How to Remove Span from Copyright in PDF Export

I am playing with WordPress Anthologize plugin for writing my PDF ebook within WordPress.  I love everything about WP Anthologize except for 2 annoying issues: the messed-up “copyright” word in the front page and the Anthologize logo on every content page.

In this post. I log the steps I took to clean up the messed-up “copyright” word.

Wordpress Anthologize plugin pdf copyright span problem before

In the exported PDF ebook, there is the not-so-nice “<span>…</span>” texts around the word “Copyright”.

How to remove the  “<span>…</span>”?

I logged in to my web host control panel.

Wordpress Anthologize Plugin  pdf copyright span problem file

  • Go to File Manager.
  • Select this file: /public_html/wp-content/plugins/anthologize/templates/pdf/class-pdf-anthologizer.php.
  • Select Code Editor.
  • Go to line 145…
    [$this->output->Write(”, $this->api->getProjectCopyright(false, false) . ‘ — ‘ . $year , ”, false, ‘C’, true );]
  • Replace [$this->api->getProjectCopyright(false, false)] with [‘ Copyright ‘].  See inside square brackets [].
  • So the new line 145 is…
    [$this->output->Write(”, ‘ Copyright ‘ . ‘ — ‘ . $year , ”, false, ‘C’, true );]
    Wordpress Anthologize Plugin pdf copyright span problem
  • Hit Save.

When I exported my next PDF ebook… Walla! A cleaned up front page!

Wordpress Anthologize Plugin pdf copyright span problem after

I got the clue to the file from this disussion on issues: Copyright, stylesheets.

In the next post I will blog how to replace the Anthologize logo on every page with your own logo.

After which… I am still figuring a way to add a graphic cover page to the PDF ebook.

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