Why Are Professional Cameras Dumb?

In front of clients, I use professional cameras to “IMPRESS” them.

Paying customers see value in the size of equipment I carry.

However, these machines are DUMB, compared with its smart cousins.

Our iPhone and Android cameras can do so much more and quicker.

The  main difference is sensor size. Bigger size the better quality.

If professional cameras can  build the smartness into their dumb machines, more creative work can be done in a shorter time.

Adrian Lee


Inspired by this article…

Recently while filming video for our next educational tutorial with landscape photographer Elia Locardi I found myself asking, “Why in the world do our $4000 cameras still not do this?” Today I have laid out 12 simple features I believe would make all of our lives a lot easier, and most of them could probably be implemented right now!  Give me your opinion in the full post poll.

Source: Why Do Our DSLRs Not Have These 12 Features Yet? | Fstoppers

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I am Adrian Lee from Sunny Singapore. My passions are in digital electronics, quantum physics, and exploring lifestyles. In this personal blog, I journal my thoughts and lessons. Enjoy!

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