Warm Welcome at Siam Bayshore Resort & Spa Hotel

Upon checking in at Siam Bayshore Resort Pattaya, I was immediately served a glass of cold sweet drink (tasted like hibiscus) with two pieces of cake.

It’s 4 pm and I missed lunch. So I gulped down everything in a hurry. Hence you see the picture above.

Next time I will snap a picture first even if I am very hungry… Or does hunger overrule everything?

I did not expect 5-star treatment, but the service was impeccable. Staff were quick and friendly. Things were clean and new. At first the safe box was not working but they got it fixed fast.

Designed like a Balinese resort, the hotel gave me a feeling like I was in Indonesia (especially after speaking with 2 new Indonesian friends along the way).


Checking google map displaying my GPS location assured me I was really up north in Thailand… then I felt a sense of wonder… a new adventure began.

After settling down in my big room, I met up with Sonia, the client, at the function room to recce the set up.

It’s a regular small seminar room for less than 50 people. There was just the right amount of warm light from the low ceiling. Plenty of sunlight from the windows, which meant some tricky camera white balancing.

Time was short. After the recce, I joined the organizing group for dinner at a seafood restaurant by the bay (outside the hotel).

Did not take any pictures that first night nor walk around Pattaya, as I focused on building rapport with the people I was going to work with the next 3 days.

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