The Last Office Table is Gone

The Bukit Merah Central office unit is almost bare. The office moving out sale was a runaway success. Most buyers came from the same building. What’s left is what I will bring over to my new SOHO in Punggol. The next step is to rent a van and get some helping hands to move boxes. […]

The Wedding Videographer Resurfaced for a Brief Moment

Nostalgic! It’s been 5 years since I last shot and edited a wedding video. These days I turn down requests, but this offer I could not refuse… A wedding in Phuket Thailand! Furthermore, it’s a request from a corporate client who trusted my work and willing to pay the right price. Anyway, it’s the wedding […]

Clearing Clutter is Emotional but Joyful

Day two of moving out sale. I realised that it was not only physically exhausting, but also emotionally draining. On the one hand, i was sad to see the items that had been with me for years go into somebody else’s hands. On the other, I was happy that the items were given a second […]

Traveling Videographer Tip #1: Travel in Style

So, I managed to squeeze the whole lot of green screen studio into a mid-sized luggage. Inside, you will find: 1. 2 sheets of 5 x1 meter green fabric. 2. Sticky tapes to hold the sheets to the wall. 3. 2 sets of studio lights with stands. 4. 1 spare lamp. 5. 1 extension power […]