The Sweetest Chateraise Cake to Celebrate Wifey’s Birthday

Prepare yourself for a creamy treat. Happy Birthday Stella ❤️!

This is one of the best cake ever… including the buying experience.

1. Queue up for your turn.

Yes it’s so popular.

2. Name the cake you want.

I chose Crispy Chocolate Cake Whole.

3. Choose a chocolate name tag.

Japanese or English. I chose English coz it says “Happy Birthday”. Wait… how did they know I want it for a birthday?

4. Spell the name for the tag.

I spelt out my wife’s name Stella. They wrote it on a piece of paper and showed it to me for verification.

5. Wait for the name tag.

In less than five minutes, they showed me the chocolate name tag with a cream-scribbled word “Stella” plus a heart ❤️. Lovely!

6. Choose the number of candles.

I chose 1 candle.

7. Pay and go home.

I paid S$40. Not expensive at all for a 875g cake.

Everything was quick and intuitive. No need to pre-order.

The girls manning the counter were vibrant and friendly.

They were definitely taught the way of Japanese service.

It’s so systematic that you feel comfortable all the way.

Even the cake tastes like it’s made with care and passion.

It’s from Chateraise NEX Singapore, @chateraise.singapore.

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