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The Social NetworkThe movie started on a slow pace.  I expected something more exciting, something pulsating. The whole six minutes in the beginning was a squabble between Mark Zuckerberg and his ex-girlfriend, followed by draggy scenes of Mark jogging in the streets. The dialog is the exciting part and you have to pay close attention as Mark speaks really fast at times. 

Facebook is a stolen idea? 

I did not know that Facebook was a stolen idea until this movie.  The movie depicted that the idea originated from fellow Harvard mates, twin brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, and Mark was hired to code their project.  The brothers sued Mark and claimed S$65 million settlement.  I checked the story and it was true according to this Telegraph news…

Napster was involved in Facebook?

Surprised to see Napster being involved in the early development of Facebook. Napster Co-founder, Sean Parker played by Justin Timberlake, is portrayed as a smart but sleazy Playboy type character.  I picked up some nuggets of business tips from this character as he helped Mark push Facebook to the next level. Here’s more about the real Napster Sean Parker…

“I’m CEO…bitch”

That phrase alone answered my long time question on why most websites we know now providing services for free, especially those without paid advertisements (Facebook used to be free from advertising).  The main reason is because it’s just plain cool to own a popular website and to be CEO.  In the movie, Mark Zuckerberg held up his name card that read “I’m CEO…bitch”.  It appears Sean Parker gave the idea.  Was this added just for movie entertainment? Apparently it was real…

“You’re not an asshole Mark. You’re just trying so hard to be one.” 

That’s the finale statement that I remember most.  That’s one important business lesson for me. Don’t be Mr Nice Guy.  If your partners or staff are not contributing to the overall vision and mission of the business, wake them up with a rude call. That goes the same for competitors. Just be an ass hole and get thing done. Here’s more about asshole Mark…

Eduardo Saverin is in Singapore!

Being a Singaporean, I know Eduardo Saverin is living in Singapore and setting up business here.  However all I knew was that he was the co-founder of Facebook together with Mark Zuckerberg. The movie painted a clear picture of how their partnership broke up. In fact that’s what the whole movie is about. Everything was fine until Sean Parker came along. Here’s more about Eduardo Saverin…

Though the starting was slow, the overall movie kept me watching. There were humor injected in some scenes too. Maybe if Facebook was not such a big deal, this movie is totally boring. 

As a business owner, there is one inspiring element. The drive to get your idea off the ground no matter what it takes even if it meant losing a friend. Persevere, network and joint-venture with people smarter than you.  I recommend “The Social Network” movie especially to those starting a business.

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