The Facebook routine that turns 365 days into one week

This is one of the fastest business networking routine I have ever seen. 

It’s Friday again. What a busy week!

Countless Facebook messaging (and three Fiverr gigs on the side). 

It’s like business networking all over again. This time digitally. 

(I was once the president of a BNI chapter, before I shamelessly stepped away due to business issues.)

Like the real world, there are 3 types of people I meet online. 

1. People that discuss ideas and make collaborations with me. 

2. People that start blasting products at me after adding them as a friend. 

3. Then the rest. Those that say hello and disappear into the background. 

My biggest regret is… Why didn’t I learn this technique earlier. 

Facebook has been around for years and I have neglected it. 

It’s never too late though, as proven by this single week alone. 

Here’s what I did. 

1. Write helpful comments in other people’s posts. 

2. Join groups related to my interest and industry. 

3. Ask for help when I need help. 

Then there is the legitimate way of adding friends without spamming. 

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