The Darknet

I was reading a thread in a Facebook Group making fun of bitcoin opportunities.

Then someone remarked we might want  to know something before laughing it off.

That there is a hidden universe out there, or rather down there, beneath the surface of the visible internet, where bitcoin thrives.

That universe is called the Darknet.

I’ve heard of Darknet, and I thought it was some sleazy up-to-no-good stuff kind of thing.

Darknet really is another part of the internet full of information we cannot find on Google.

Surface Web
(Can be Googled)

Deep Web
(Hidden behind passwords)

Dark Web
(Accessible only with a special browser)


The dark web (or dark net) is a small part of the deep web. Its contents are not accessible through search engines, but it’s something more: it is the anonymous Internet. Within the dark net, both web surfers and website publishers are entirely anonymous. –

How to access the darknet?

We need a TOR browser. Or a Firefox Addon.

Bitcoin is the currency in the darknet.

If you want to know more about bitcoin, click here to see how $15 can turn into $10,000.

OK. I will stop here. The vibes are no good.

Explore at your own risk and beware the lure of the dark side. Yes, this is where criminals and terrorist may hide.

For now, I will stay away from the darknet.

Adrian Lee


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I am Adrian Lee from Sunny Singapore. My passions are in digital electronics, quantum physics, and exploring lifestyles. In this personal blog, I journal my thoughts and lessons. Enjoy!

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