The Bare Essential Photography Kit for Street Photographers

When it comes to understanding street photography, things are very simple – the world is your oyster. There are opportunities at every corner to capture the art of life and document how everyday society functions. The subjects are common people and shots are taken usually without permission. The most important thing is to catch the raw emotion that majestically expresses the soul.

This genre is almost 100-years old and it first appeared thanks to the technological development of small, convenient to carry, 35mm cameras. With improved exposure, street photographers were able to capture images on the go. However, it was difficult to remain hidden and take a picture without getting distracted. Today, it’s easy to stay in the shadows and have a street photoshoot with just the bare minimum in terms of the necessary equipment.


The beauty of street photography is that you don’t need any special camera to take breathtaking photos. In this day and age, a smartphone can do you justice just as a fancy digital camera can. Though the Ricoh GR II is an ideal tool used for this type of photography. The camera is small, portable with the APS-C sensor and a 28mm sharp lens. It has Wi-Fi and gives value with adjustable point-and-click modes.

In addition, this camera is affordable and a perfect device for gaining street experience. Still, whatever camera you select, consider a wrist or a neck strap for protecting the gear when on the move.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that many cost-effective gadgets can do the same trick, the point is to focus on the social environment and emotion. No matter the tool, the pictures should always go through the editing process. It is recommendable to learn to use at least one of many editing software tools out there, or outsource this project to a photo editing services.


The first rule of street photography is: the smaller the camera, the better. It is crucial to became like a ghost to capture people when they are distracted. At those moments, people are free to be themselves, so always carry a useful tool in your pocket.

If you are worried about the composition – don’t be! Yes, it’s an important part, yet not in the same way as it is with professional photography. Emotion is not symmetric and adjustable, thus the composition can turn out spontaneously. For shooting in the streets, most street photographers use shots from their hip. Rarely will you see a shooting ninja holding a camera up on his face.

On the other hand, chances are that you will inevitably fit in the buzzy crowd. Look for rushed and engaging locations where you can concentrate and shoot unsuspecting subjects freely. Also, don’t settle for one shot. Take as many photos as you can of a scene to capture the unique moments passing by.

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Human emotions and interactions are intriguing when people feel free in their natural environment. The purpose of street photography is capturing those moments and immortalizing them.

To work as a street photographer, one only needs what he or she already possesses. Technological progress allowed every individual to become a photographer by using only their phone or an affordable digital device. Even so, to improve the image outcome, a photographer should master the magic of editing. Numerous editing software tools are easily accessible and free to download and conquer. The only thing to truly concentrate on is capturing the human nature and the essence of the city.

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