Thank You Mr Lee Kuan Yew. May You Rest in Peace. #rememberingleekuanyew

The Singapore Story- Memoirs of Lee Kuan YewI have not spoken nor got near him, and now he is gone.

To me, he is the Founder and Father of the land I was born.

Singapore, my home, the little red dot, or the green city island.

We will not be where we are today without his wise direction.

Religious and Racial harmony. Peace, progress and prosperity.

These are the five elements I enjoyed most living in this country.

“谢谢您李光耀先生,请您安息吧!” as they say in Chinese.

Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew, may you rest in peace!


Adrian Lee

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I am Adrian Lee from Sunny Singapore. My passions are in digital electronics, quantum physics, and exploring lifestyles. In this personal blog, I journal my thoughts and lessons. Enjoy!

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