Thai Seafood Fried Vermicelli at Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant – Singapore

Thai Seafood Fried VermicelliIt is Thai dinner this Friday. Before I proceed with the food review, let me highly recommend Diandin Leluk Thai restaurant, Singapore (or is it Por Jai Authentic Thai Restaurant at Serangoon Gardens, I see two different names on the order form and the receipt).

Value for money. Cozy ambiance. Solid dark wood tables and seats.

Ordered Thai seafood fried vermicelli and olive rice. Again value for money.
Priced like a shopping mall food court.

First impression: The bright red chili looks tempting on the vermicelli. The olives looked dull on the fried rice.

Surprise factor: Don’t judge the book by its cover. The vermicelli tasted better than most Thai restaurants I have tried. The olive rice is far better.

Olive rice adventure: You have to eat the rice in spoonfuls with olives to get the full flavor. Even better, eat them together with cashew nuts and lemon pieces. Crush the fresh lemon in your mouth and feel an explosion of taste, like a chemical reaction.

Update: I found a recipe for Thai Olive Fried Rice here…

A cold lemon grass drink is perfect to end the meal.

Oh yes, not forgetting the extra order of tapioca with coconut cream. Sweet, juicy and fibre-less.

Thai Lemon Grass Drink

Thai Tapioca Dessert

Update: Here’s a Thai Tapioca Dessert Recipe…

Adrian Lee

PS: Hmm… Must improve my writing skill on food reviews.

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