Taiwan Travel Vlog Part 1 | A Low Budget Camera Challenge


Forget the iPhone and document this trip with the Xiaomi Mi A1.

This Taiwan Travel Vlog series is recorded on a S$300 smartphone.

There is no external microphones, extra lights and no stabilizers.

The editing is also done in the mobile device on the move.

The GoPro and the mirrorless you see in the video are for the kids to use.


The entire series…

~ from the journal of Adrian Lee

– Just four and a half hour will get you from Singapore to Taipei.
– It is early January. The best time to travel at super off-peak rates.
– The vacation lasts five days with all 3 generations in the family.

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I am Adrian Lee from Sunny Singapore. My passions are in technology and travel. In this personal blog, I journal my experience. Enjoy!

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