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Virtual Mouse Pointer for Windows Tablet – Chuwi

Most Windows 10 apps require a Mouse or Stylus to navigate… And most Windows tablets do not have a stylus pen or mouse! I almost gave up on my Chuwi tablet when I found the solution. It’s like having a laptop touchpad built into the screen. I can now control the cursor without a mouse or […]

Surface Studio, Surface Book and Windows 10 Creators Update

On 26 October 2016, Microsoft introduced 3 new products. The Surface Studio The Surface Book Windows 10 Creators Update Surface Studio 28″ 4500×3000 pixels touch-screen Built for professional creators Mostly for drawing and painting Works wonders with the new Surface Dial and the Surface Pen 3 models i5 / 2GB GPU / 8GB RAM / […]

How Not to Burn Files from Hard Drive to DVD Discs on Windows

In this age of broadband, cloud and flash drives, do we need DVD discs? Adobe and Apple has abandoned support for DVDs in favour of the cloud. Even new laptops, tablets and mobile devices do not support drives anymore. So why am I still burning DVDs? It took the whole day burning 30 discs. Each disc […]