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How to Convert Your Website from HTTP to HTTPS

HTTPS Secure Connection

Is HTTPS required for your website? Is Google search going to lower the ranking of those without? HTTPS is a website security feature that protects the visitor’s privacy. Without HTTPS, Google Chrome browser marks your site as “not secure”. So, start scrambling now and get that HTTPS for your website. Converting HTTP to HTTPS Today, […]

How to Capture Website Screenshot with Google Chrome Extension 

Google Chrome Screenshot Extension

Do you take a lot of screenshots of online web pages? This Google Chrome extension does the job very well. It functions more than capture full or partial screen. You can draw, crop, highlight, smear, circle, arrow, etc. Save ion your computer or direct into the clipboard. If you browse with Google Chrome, install and try it. […]

3 Little Known Facts About Attracting Website Traffic

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Most people would rather watch television than read a book.  People love to be entertained.  Ever since the advent of television, people began staying inside and watching TV rather than going out with friends.  Television has more of an influence on society than anything else… …Until the internet.  Then […]


Welcome! This is not a new blog, but a continuation from my current Blogger.com blog at  http://adriansjournal.blogspot.com. I have decided to create a separate website for myself and registered a unique domain based on my first business name Adrian Video Image. As I progress in my career, I am gradually moving away from making videos […]