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The Journal of Adrian Lee | Singapore

“Life is a university. Take notes. Today is a memory of tomorrow. Every moment is a story to tell.” ~ Adrian Lee | Singapore Hi, I am Adrian Lee from Sunny Singapore. My passions are in computers, cars, cash, cooking and my children. How many C’s? In this personal blog, I journal my life’s lessons. […]

How to Make Animated GIFs from Youtube Videos Online


This is a 2-second animated GIF I made from my own YouTube video. Here’s how… Go to makeagif.com… Select “YouTube to Gif” button Enter the Youtube video URL Click “Load Video” Select Start time and GIF interval Click “CREATE GIF”. That’s it! No need to sign up for anything. The set back is the Url watermark at the bottom […]

Apps for Making Amazing Videos with Your iPhone

Your iPhone is a great video camera… Period! (Update 2015 now with 4K) If you are still asking which video camcorder is the best buy, stop asking because it is in your hands. As a video production professional myself, I dare say I have shot and edited a complete business event with an iPhone 4 […]

Top Angry Bird Funny Videos on YouTube

Update 1 Jan 2016: Funny YouTube Angry Parrots… Are you an Angry Bird Fan? I became one 3 months back. Just the other day, as I was taking a break from work, I searched YouTube on my iPhone for “Angry Birds”. I was looking for more entertaining Angry Bird trailers by Rovio. Instead I found […]