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Videography Course vs How to Make Video on Google Keyword Tool

google keyword tool - videography course

A quick research on Google Keyword Tool revealed the truth. I must rephrase my Basic Videography Course sales page in order to get more hits. Here is what I discovered… (“Keyword” Global searhes – Singapore searches) . “videography course” 390 – 28 Only 28 searches in Singapore a month! (some are my own to check […]

Lots of Video Editing Jobs

Shooting is quick, but editing can take three times or more longer. That’s the life of a Videographer. So tonight I am rushing to complete at least one job. (I don’t have to rush actually, but I have 2 full days of teaching from tomorrow). How about delegating? Yeah, all gurus say that. My colleagues […]

Working Non-stop at My Mobile Video Editing Workstation

Is it really mobile? At least within the same room where broadband connection is located. In this case, it’s my cozy office lounge. I have been busy editing seminar videos since this morning and uploading them to YouTube as soon as they are complete. Exhausting but satisfying. There is a sense of achievement in every […]