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Flying to Pattaya Thailand for Business

Everywhere on the web, Pattaya Thailand is reviewed as a sunny fun travel destination. However I will be flying there tomorrow for work… To shoot a 3-day training conference in a hotel. All my bags are nearly packed, but I am all ready to go. Though I have little time to enjoy the stay, the […]

Instant Noodle Review: Myojo Lor Mee

Before I start my overtime (printing notes for tomorrow’s videography class) in the office, let me arrest my hunger with a bowl of instant noodles, Myojo Lor Mee. It felt strange when the first scoop touched my lips… A slimy feeling. So I stirred a little more… But the sliminess seem to get thicker. All […]

Lots of Video Editing Jobs

Shooting is quick, but editing can take three times or more longer. That’s the life of a Videographer. So tonight I am rushing to complete at least one job. (I don’t have to rush actually, but I have 2 full days of teaching from tomorrow). How about delegating? Yeah, all gurus say that. My colleagues […]