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18Nov2015 – Camera Gear, M-Theory, WebSudoku, Run, Akeela

Megagear MG433 Ever Ready Protective Leather Camera Case, Bag for Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera (Light Brown )

Essential Camera Gear for Canon PowerShot G7 X Understanding String Theory and M-Theory Solving a Hard Sudoku in 37 Minutes Run 1.8km in 15 minutes at Punggol Who Plays Akeela in Minority Report TV Series Essential Camera Gear for Canon PowerShot G7 X Woke up this morning and my online shop reported that it sold […]

2.36km in 19mins Run Along Punggol Waterway

Lesser distance than the previous run. Needed to let my body tune up again. Blame it on the long months of haze. The air today is clearer, but not 100%. About the image The picture is painted with Brushstroke Stats are tracked with Nike+ on iPhone 6. Note to self Punggol Waterway is pitch dark at […]

#Run 3.3km in 28mins and Connecting with Nature

I felt the urge to run in the park today. Actually I just wanted to be with nature. It’s 8pm and I am listening to crickets. I reflected as breeze blew into my ear. Reflection Our eyes detect limited number of colors. If I close my eyes, can I see more things? We remember only […]

Run 3 km in 27 mins and Feeling Present

After 2 weeks of no work out, I am back on the tracks again. What’s the excuse for that long break? Work and work! My work is physically and mentally demanding you know. So I am not totally deviated away from my regular exercise. The major difference is being with nature and being present. That’s […]

Run 3km in 25mins Without Running Out of Breath

How to run longer without running out of breath? Today I used these 3 techniques to run 3 kilometers in 25 minutes. Not very fast but at least I kept my breath at near normal rate. Start slow end fast. Started about 8″50′ per km until the 2.5 km mark where I sped up to […]