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7 Common Mistakes When Choosing Aerial Photography Services

Common Mistakes When Choosing Aerial Photography Services

The trend of having amazing shots made with a DSLR attached to a drone in marketing campaigns, brochures, websites, or in social media marketing campaigns, is definitely emerging in the business world. Besides the fact that is very popular, aerial photography has other implications, too. It requires a lot of skill and knowledge to be […]

Understanding Stops in Photography – an Easy Beginner’s Guide

Photography is a very passionate hobby that millions of people enjoy. It gives you the opportunity to capture some amazing moments in life. Additionally, this hobby can become so much more, as there are plenty of career opportunities that come with photography. Therefore, understanding the basics is essential for properly building up your knowledge, skill, […]

Photography Course for Beginners in Singapore


I have been often asked to teach a Photography class in Singapore. I turn down the requests because I am more of a Videography expert.   So here are places where you can sign up for photography lessons. Photography Courses in Singapore for beginners John Arifin 2-day Basic Photography 101 Workshop: Live class. S$350. 2 […]