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2017 Goal #1 – Make $100 Daily Online

What happened? It’s 2017! So what? It’s going to be a challenging year. What’s my challenge? Top 3… Pay a new home loan starting in the 1st quarter of 2017. Pay for daughter’s university fee in the 3rd quarter. Celebrate sis’s 10th anniversary in England in November. What do they have in common? Money… Need […]

How to Earn Extra Monthly Income in Singapore

Are you seeking extra monthly income? I am looking for people to help me grow my business. All you need is a smartphone, the internet, and Facebook… And maybe also a power bank, so you can work from anywhere. All you have to do is post on facebook to earn. It’s not a job. It’s […]

Next IT Exhibition in SG – Online Electronics Sales

GoPro Hero4

What’s the Next Major  IT Exhibition in Singapore? COMEX 2016 | 8 to 11 September 2016 | 11am to 9pm | Suntec Singapore In the meantime, check out this week’s online electronics sales, [GOPRO] GOPRO HERO 4 SILVER S$899 S$469 Canon PowerShot N2 Digital Camera / 16.1mp / 8x / 2.8 tilt  S$499 S$311 Samsung Galaxy […]

Building an Online Business – August 17 2015 Report

Building an Online Business

This is my first public report, otherwise it’s been a private journal. It’s about the work I do every day to build a steady income online. The aim is to reach a level so as to quit my current service income. What did I do to build my online business? Created an IFTTT recipe to pin products from iPhone […]

How to Make Animated GIFs from Youtube Videos Online


This is a 2-second animated GIF I made from my own YouTube video. Here’s how… Go to makeagif.com… Select “YouTube to Gif” button Enter the Youtube video URL Click “Load Video” Select Start time and GIF interval Click “CREATE GIF”. That’s it! No need to sign up for anything. The set back is the Url watermark at the bottom […]