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What Is 4G Mobile Broadband

Should I install fiber broadband in the office? Maybe not because I work outside the office most of the time and I work alone. So the next question is… Has mobile Internet caught up with its speed? I need the high-speed for online video delivery to clients. That led me to discover 4G and what […]

Instant Noodle Review: Myojo Lor Mee

Before I start my overtime (printing notes for tomorrow’s videography class) in the office, let me arrest my hunger with a bowl of instant noodles, Myojo Lor Mee. It felt strange when the first scoop touched my lips… A slimy feeling. So I stirred a little more… But the sliminess seem to get thicker. All […]

Working Non-stop at My Mobile Video Editing Workstation

Is it really mobile? At least within the same room where broadband connection is located. In this case, it’s my cozy office lounge. I have been busy editing seminar videos since this morning and uploading them to YouTube as soon as they are complete. Exhausting but satisfying. There is a sense of achievement in every […]